Annual Report

Incentive rebate of US$50/US$100 + US$2.00/member for Branches who submit Plan to Student Services (based on member count on 31 Dec). Your annual report can be submitted at any time, before November 15 each year for the rebate. Multiple reports can be submitted in a year; submitting multiple reports in the same year is one way to track Branch activity. Use your IEEE account to log in to the online reporting system  –

Officer Reporting

Report your newly elected officers  within 4 weeks of your elections. There are two forms that we would like you to submit

  1.  Report to HQ:
  2.  ICF (IEEE Canadian Foundation) contact update form:


Online media

1. Set up a functional email alias for the Student Branch in the form of by clicking
2. Obtain a website from IEEE Entity Web Hosting (EWH) by clicking
3. Get your Student Branch’s membership data by accessing SAMIEEE



If you are looking for information on specific topics, we will suggest some links/points of contact below.
1) For all information relating to running a Student Branch and Awards, visit the Student Concourse and the R7 Awards Page

2) Student Congress: Training for Executive Members

a. Every year, your Region will have a Student Congress – contact your RSR or RSAC to find out when it is
b. During the Student Congress, you should receive presentations and other materials with information on:

i. Operations Manual
ii. Reporting
iii. Fundraising
iv. Contacts

4) General assistance or questions

b. Student Branch Counselors/Mentors – keep them engaged
c. Student Activity Chair (if section has one) or else Section Chair.

5) For information updates and questions your RSR/RSAC can’t answer, contact IEEE Student Services: