Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award


The purpose of this award is to recognize annually, in each Region of the IEEE, the student most responsible for an extraordinary accomplishment associated with student activities. The value of a pattern of dedicated, ongoing service to a Branch is certainly recognized. However, this award is designed to reward a particular event or product of IEEE activities.

The student most responsible for a worthy accomplishment may be nominated by a Branch Counselor, Section Chair, or Section SAC Chair. The nominator(s) must complete a nomination form and forward it to the Regional SAC Chair. Nominees must be Student members of the IEEE at the time of the accomplishment. The incumbent Regional Student Representative is ineligible.

The nominations will be judged by a committee composed of the Regional Director, the Regional SAC Chair, and the Regional Student Representative, or by an appointed Award and Recognition Committee in consultation with the above. This regional committee will be responsible for establishing guidelines for judging while maintaining fairness, objectivity and high standards. All student nominees will be judged primarily on the impact their accomplishment has on the quality of student activities within the Region and the IEEE as a whole. If no nominations of sufficient stature are made, no award will be given for that year. Only one award per Region will be presented each year.

This award consists of a plaque and three years free membership in the IEEE. Presentation of the award will be arranged by the Regional SAC Chair at an appropriate Regional occasion. The results will also be published Institute-wide at the earliest opportunity. You should receive a detailed package, including a nomination form, from IEEE Headquarters in November. The deadline for nominations is nominally February 1st. If you need more information, you can contact the IEEE Student Services Coordinator. This award is sponsored by the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGAB) of the IEEE.

For more information, please visit the IEEE Students webpage on the Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award



Deadline: February 1 annually

Nomination form

Submit to: RSAC and RSR