Job Matching

What is Job Matching?

It is refined big data recruiting that is based on “whole person” analysis plus job soft skills information used to pre-screen and eliminate the wrong people so that recruiters can spend time with the “right” candidates.

The assessments partner, Target Training International (TTI), is the world’s leading provider of validated tools for hiring. Using their patented benchmarking process, TTI boasts a 92-96% success rate of retention with performance measured one year from hire.

How does Job Matching Work?

All attendees that participate in the event are provided a free individualized 23- page behavioral profile talent report.  The content from this tool can then be added to the resume and shared at the event bringing credibility to one’s talent and skills.

Q. What skills does the ideal candidate need for success in the job?
A. Fill out the ideal Candidate Form to create a benchmark identifying skills needed.

Q. What skills do people bring to a job?
A. Identify ones’ unique abilities by responding to an assessment.

Q. How do I find and align the two in a sea of resumes?
A. A database collects input from both the company’s ideal candidate form and people’s responses to the assessments and then matches are discovered using this search criteria. People are aligned to jobs using gap analysis which identify’s superior talent to then carry out the interview process.

Search criteria is based on experience, education, salary requirements, certifications, geography, 12 behaviors, 6 motivational values, culture fit and 25 competency skill sets.

Why Job Matching for Participants?

Our passion comes from helping people of all walks discover their unique abilities and find a home for success.

When people are matched to jobs they have:
• A high probability of being promoted
• A stronger sense of self
• More success
• A happier life
• Motivation to be the best!

 Why Job Matching for Companies?

Job matching is changing the way businesses recruit by enabling companies to easily connect with targeted event participants using data-driven searches.

The many benefits include:

• Higher ROI and Time saving
• Taking the guesswork out of hiring
• Spend time with the “right” candidates
• Better results with a high rate of success
• Find better quality with faster job fill times
• Make hiring so much easier!

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