Region 6 Central Area Fall Virtual Meeting Oct 3rd!

Click here for Details and to register: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/208129

When: Saturday, Oct 3, 2020
Times: 12:00PM to 4:00PM (9AM to 1PM Hawaii time)
Where: Virtual/Zoom at https://csus.zoom.us/j/93992951660 
Building & Room: N/A
Parking details: N/A


12:00-12:20 PM: Welcome remarks, Intorductions, Region 6 director/director-elect news & updates.

12:20-1:30PM: Central Area Sections & student branch reports: Past highlights and plans for rest of year including IEEE Milestones, PACE activity, IEEE Extreme, etc.

Hawaii section report: including Virtual IEEE Milestone event Oct 13th, 10:30AM HST.  “AlohaNet the world’s first wireless network June 1971” at http://www.Hawaii.edu/itunesu/vlive?s=alohanet.sdp. 

Sacramento Valley section report: including IEEE Milestone approved on Sep 29th for “Folsom Powerhouse, on July 13, 1895 became the first three-phase 60 hertz hydro-electric plant”..

Santa Clara Valley section report: including Milestone plans for 2021.

San Francisco section report:

Oakland/East Bay section report:

Northern Nevada section report:

Student branch reports/updates.

1:30-1:45PM: Life Member presentation by Mike Andrews

1:45-2:05PM: Education Activities presentation by Mostafa Mortezaie

2:05-2:35 PM: DL Seminar “Do Your Part At Home To Fight Climate Change & COVID-19 Highlights Need For Resilient Power 24/7” by John Borland from his Aug 2020 WIE panel talk at IEEE PES General Meeting .

2:35-3:35PM: Student Officer Training Session rescheduled to Oct 10th as a Region 6 wide “Fall Leadership Training Workshop for IEEE Region 6 student leaders and counselors with guest speakers” from 8:30-11:30AM.  Register at vTools Meeting https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/241312 and join at meet.google.com/nbu-fdah-dqc. 

2:35-3:35PM: Student Project 5 minute PowerPoint presentation Contest 

3:35-3:50PM: WIE video presentation by Heather Quin

3:50-4:05PM: Section Vitality video presentation by Chad Kidder 

4:05-4:15 PM: Award presentation for student contest, Spring 2021 Area Meeting plans and Closing.

Send travel expense reports related to air and hotel to the Central Area Chair, John Borland

Send local travel expense reports to the respective Section Chairs:

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