Student Paper Competition

The Region 5 Student Papers Competition is sponsored by Region 5 IEEE. It encourages the development of technical communication skills. The competition includes an oral presentation and a written paper related to technical, engineering, management, or societal aspects of subjects relevant to the IEEE.

The Student Papers Competition is open to IEEE student members who are undergraduates (only) at the time of the local competition. IEEE student membership of all authors is required. Papers may be prepared by a single author or by a team of up to three authors (all must be undergraduates). Competitions occur at the Local, Area, and Region levels. Winners may revise their submission between levels. At most, the top three winning papers of each Area-level competition compete at the Region Competition. See the rules for complete details.

Deadlines for Paper Submissions:

Local and Area competition dates are presented below as a guide.  Section and Area chairs will coordinate to schedule their competitions; Area chairs may flex these suggested dates (or use them ‘as is’) and communicate this to the sections.  The region submittal date below, however, is required; area paper competition winners must submit their final papers to the Region 5 Paper Competition Chair by this date and register for the region competition.

Competition Deadline Notes
Local February 1, 2016 Competitions completed and winners notified.

  • Judging of an oral presentation is required
  • Judging of a written paper is permitted and encouraged
February 8, 2016 A written paper of the winners from Local Competitions must be submitted in PDF format to the Area Chair for the Area Competitions
Area March 7, 2016 Competitions completed and winners notified.

  • Judging of a written paper is required
  • An oral presentation is not held
  • Winning authors should register for the region competition right away to get the early competition and hotel rates
  • Area chairs notify the Region Chair of the 3 winners and corresponding contact information.
Regional March 11, 2016 Authors of the three top papers per area must submit their revised papers in PDF format directly to the Region Chair for the Regional Competition.
April 9, 2016 (8 am)


Regional Paper Competition at the Region 5 Annual Conference.

  • Results are based on both the oral presentation by the primary author and the written paper
  • Attendance and registration of the author for the conference is required. (Note: only one author per paper will be reimbursed for travel expenses. Co-authors are welcome to attend, however.)
April 22, 2016 Authorized travel reimbursement requests for the Area winners must be submitted electronically to the R5 Student Activities Chair.


Oral Presentation: TBD

Area Chairs (current chairs listed below,new chairs to be announced soon):

  • North Area (KS, MO, OK, & southern IL): Christella Chavez,
  • East Area (AR, LA, & east TX): Terry W Martin,
  • South Area (TX except east and west TX): T. Scott Atkinson,
  • West Area (High Plains, Denver, Pikes Peak, Panhandle, El Paso, and South Plains Sections): James R. Look,

Rules/Guidelines: Click Here to download the official rules.

Awards: Announced at the Saturday Conference Banquet. (The decisions of the judges are final.) Certificates are awarded to the winning papers. Cash prizes will be given for the Area and Region Competitions as shown. (Prizes are per winning entry, not per author)

  • Area: $125 (1st place entry), $100 (2nd place entry), and $75 (3rd place entry)
  • Region: $800 (1st place), $500 (2nd place entry), and $200 (3rd place entry)

Reasonable expenses for the Area winning papers (three attendees per Area maximum) will be reimbursed for their attendance at the Region Competition. (Reimbursement is subject to R5 guidelines and must be requested using the Regional Expense Report Form; contact the region student papers competition chair for full details.)

Reimbursement: See the Eligibility and Reimbursement Policy for details. Deadline for expense reimbursement submission is April 22, 2016. You may submit an expense report for reimbursement any time prior to the deadline. After the deadline, no expenses will be reimbursed. Consider submitting early – a check will be issued to the address on the expense form.

2016 Student Papers Region Competition Chair: Don Gruenbacher

2016 Student Competitions Chair: TBD

2016 Region 5 Student Activities Coordinator: Devin James Cornell


For other questions concerning this contest, please contact the Contest Chair, Don Gruenbacher, at