Student Competitions: Eligibility and Reimbursement Policy

Region 5 Annual Leadership Meeting and Student Events

(“R5 Events”)


Student Competitions Participants Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be an:

  • undergraduate student at a Region 5 school
  • IEEE student member at the time of the contest

The Region 5 School must have an active IEEE Student Branch at the time of the R5 Events.


Partial Costs Reimbursement Policy (tentative)

Each student branch that participates in the listed  activities at the R5 Events is entitled to partial reimbursement of costs from IEEE Region 5 funds in accordance with the following guidelines:

Activity Participation Reimbursement (for Branch) Travel Reimbursement
Branch Counselor Attends Leadership Meeting $ 200 $0.565 per mile but not to exceed $300 (MapQuest or similar documentation required); please see IEEE Region 5 Travel Policy for Details.
Student Branch Officer attends Student Training Workshop $ 50 Not Applicable (N/A)
Circuit Design Team Competes $ 50 N/A
Ethics Team Competes $ 50 N/A
Robotics Team Competes $ 50 N/A
Area Student Paper Finalists (maximum of 3 students per Area) N/A Travel Expenses: $0.565 per mile (one vehicle per Student Branch) but not to exceed $300 (MapQuest or similar documentation required), OR  least cost air travel for each finalist (actual cost) for 21-day advance ticket purchase (total cost per Student Branch not to exceed round-trip mileage cost).Meeting Hotel Room: Limited to 2 nights stay per finalist at Meeting Preferred Rate or lower.

In-Transit Meals: $20 (total) per finalist; Meals at the Meeting are provided as part of Registration

Items not reimbursed include car rental, entertainment, telephone calls, internet,  etc. Please see IEEE Region 5 Travel Policy for Details.

Reimbursements will only be paid if a completed Expense Report Form is submitted within one month of the conference. Actual participation at the events shall be verified. Student Paper finalists should submit their reimbursement form and the Branch Counselor or Branch Officer should submit completed forms for Branch reimbursement.

Valuable Documents

IEEE Region 5 Travel Policy (2012)

IEEE Region 5 Personal Mileage Reimbursement Worksheet (2012)

Zip file with all 2014 travel reimbursement documents