Are you competitive?

Being prepared to compete in an increasingly demanding world—in the classroom and in the
workplace—is a challenging task.

The  Conference competitions provide you the opportunity not only to compete against other Region 5 schools, but to develop technical skills and a personal brand that defines their individual talents and strengths. The Conference competitions are designed to encourage the development of skills and abilities in two areas critical to success in engineering environments:

Agility under Pressure
Work in Teams to Create Solutions in Time-Driven, Real World Situations.
Directions to competitions on the TAMUCC Campus

Circuit Design

    • Two-student teams will be challenged to solve a technical problem provided to teams on day of competition.
    • Team Participation Interest Form (all slots are full! Sorry, no more registrations.)

Student Ethics

    • Two-student teams present and defend a case analysis using the IEEE Code of Ethics. For more information, contact the organizing committee.
    • Team Participation Interest Form

Project-Oriented Design –
Design, Build, Construct an Argument, Compete. Use as Senior Design Project.


    • Student teams build robots with specific requirements and win the competition by having the fastest robot to accomplish the given task. So early demonstration of interest and registration is strongly encouraged.
    • Expression of Interest Form must be submitted by TBD

Student Papers

    • Includes an oral presentation and written paper related to technical, engineering, management, or societal aspects of subjects relevant to the IEEE.
    • Competitions occur at Local, Area, and Region levels. Top three winners of each
    • Area winners compete at Region Competition. For details visit Student Papers Competition.