2013 Region 5 Committee (as of July 23, 2012)

Position Name (follow link to email)
Conference Chair Tim Weil
Conference Co-Chair
Region 5 Conferences Coordinator Michael F. Siok
Chair – Conference Operations Pankaj Goyal
Finance Chair Pankaj Goyal, Tom Mickus
Webmaster & Registration Pankaj Goyal
Publicity Chair Sharron LaVoy
GOLD Events Chair Jennifer Kramer
PACE Events Chair Jason W. Rupe
SPAC Events Chair Erik Johnson
R5 SPAC Coordinator Nicole Skarke
R5 Student Competition Awards Ruby Mehrubeoglu
Student Robotics Chair Megan Paciaroni
Student Paper Competition Chair Jason W. Rupe
Student Circuit Design Competition Co-Chair Jeff Showalter
Student Circuit Design Competition Co-Chair Vibhuti Dave
Student Ethics Competition Chair Steve Watkins
R5 Student Activities Chair Anil Mehta
Student Outreach and Collaboration