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The IEEE Region 1 Student Conference is the premier annual event where all student branches from IEEE Region 1 (Northeast Region of United States of America) will meet. The conference objective is to encourage student competition and provide an opportunity for the students to network and learn from other students from across the Region 1, while applying practical engineering knowledge in the various competitions. It also provides the great opportunity for the student members to network with the Industry Professionals and the IEEE Leaders.

Conference Program Highlights:

Friday, April 5, 2013 (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

  • Registration
  • STEP (Student Transition & Elevation Program)

Saturday, April 6, 2013 (8:30am – 9:30pm)

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Student Paper Contest
  • Student Ethics Competition
  • T-Shirt Design Competition
  • Micromouse Competition and Workshop
  • Award Dinner Ceremony

 Sunday, April 7, 2013 (10:00am – 12:00noon)

  • MIT Museum Tour

2. IEEE Membership

3. IEEE WIE (Women In Engineering)

4. MIT Graduate Education Program

Hotel Accommodation:
Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT
20 Sidney Street Cambridge, MA 02139

Micromouse Competition 
(1st Place = $800, 2nd Place = $500, 3rd Place = $200)
Rules and Guideline
E-Mail: Soon Wan (gimsoon@ieee.org)


1. Bucky from Wentworth Institute of Technology

2. MicroBull from University of Buffalo

3. Jersey Juice from Stevens Institute of Technology

4. Syramouse from Syracuse University

5. Micromouse from Suffolk University

6. Little TINA from Stony Brook University

7. Algernon from The College of New Jersey


Undergraduate Student Paper Contests
(1st Place = $800, 2nd Place = $500, 3rd Place = $200)
Rules and Guideline
Online Paper Submission
E-Mail: Rob Vice (vice@ieee.org)

Papers Presentation:
1. Building an Interactive Robot: Changing the Way Robots Interpret Actions
2. Wireless Sensing for Inflatable Lunar Habitat
3. Experimental Analysis of Automated Latent Fingerprint Systems
4. Eye See What You See
5. FPGA Design – the Making of an Intel 8086  Microprocessor with Modern Technology
6. Gesture Interpretation Glove (GIG)
7. Green Skateboard Design with 24V Battery Charger
8. Microwave -Induced Heat Transfer In Cylindrical Reactants with Strong Convection: A Simple Mathematical Model
9. Radar Detection of Ionospheric Electrons Accelerated by VLF Whistler Waves
10. Scratch  Sensing Chalk by Recording Audio to Capture Handwriting
11. Building a Wireless Sensor Network for a Home Security System
12. Microbial Fuel Cells for Educational and Biomedical Applications
13. A Micropipelined Processor Design for Power Reduction
14. Impact of Recording Distance on Speaker Recognition System Performance

Student Ethics Competition
(1st=$300, 2nd=$150 for Student Branch)
Rules and Guideline
E-Mail: Rob Reilly (reilly@media.mit.edu)

T-Shirt Design
(Highest votes = $200)
E-Mail: Srinivas Vaidyanathan (v.srinivas@ieee.org)

Rob Reilly (reilly@media.mit.edu)
– Region 1 Student Activities Chair
– Student Ethics Competition Chair

Soon Wan (gimsoon@ieee.org)
– General Program and Registration
– Micromouse Competition Chair

Rob Vice (vice@ieee.org)
– Undergraduate Student Paper Contest Chair

Srinivas Vaidyanathan (v.srinivas@ieee.org)
– T-Shirt Design Chair

Bruce Hecht (bruce.hecht@ieee.org)
– Hotel and Local Arrangement