Young Professionals Program


The Young Professionals Program was developed to help young graduates transition from studenthood to the professional world. If you are an IEEE member who received your first professional degree within the last ten years, you are automatically part of IEEE’s Young Professionals Program.

The IEEE Queensland Section’s Young Professionals Program chapter is the local Young Professionals organisation. Since 2008 we have been organising technical and education events relevant to a broad spectrum of IEEE members, focused on students and recent graduates. Our previous events include a seminar on financial success in the current context (held during the darkest days of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008), a presentation skills workshop, a seminar on the successful commercialization of a university research project, and a seminar on start-up incubation. Reports of some of these events can be viewed here.

Please contact the chapter chair if you are interested in joining the chapter or serving on the committee.

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The petition requesting the formation of the Graduates of the Last Decade Affinity Group is located here.

The IEEE document confirming the foundation of the Graduates of the Last Decade Affinity Group is located here.

The name of the affinity group was changed to Young Professionals Program in 2013.

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Rob Makaremi


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Nazanin Nadian

Griffith Uni.

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Reuben Peterkin

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Hamid Moghadam

Griffith Uni.


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