Women in Engineering


IEEE Women in Engineering (WiE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. IEEE WiE’s mission is to inspire, engage, encourage, and empower women worldwide.

The IEEE Queensland WiE Affinity Group was formed to organise events which encourage networking at a local level. Additionally, we aim to provide professional development for our members. We will also work together with other local groups with similar interests (including Women in Technology, Australian Women in Science and Technology, Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications) to achieve our mission.

Whether you would like to meet other like-minded people, attend professional development workshops, or just be informed of the latest news, WIE has something to offer you. Please contact the chapter chair if you are interested in joining the chapter or serving on the committee.

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The petition requesting the formation of the Women in Engineering Affinity Group is located here.

The IEEE document confirming the foundation of the Women in Engineering Affinity Group is locatedĀ here.

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Negareh Ghasemi

Lecturer, QUT

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Marie Luise Wille

Postdoc fellow, QUT

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Hanxiao (Han) Zhang

Hardware Engineer,Accelerated Concepts

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