Power and Energy/Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Societies


The Queensland chapter of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) was formed on October 22nd 1991, one of two chapters formed on that day. It is one of the oldest chapters in the Queensland Section.

The PES chapter is one of the most active in the Queensland Section and ranks highly against other PES chapters internationally. It has won several PES High Performing Chapter awards, as well as winning or coming second place in several PES Outstanding Chapter awards.

In February 2014 the PES chapter expanded its operations to include joint-activities with Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society members, thus becoming the PES/DEIS joint-chapter.

Please contact the chapter chair if you are interested in joining the chapter or serving on the committee.

IEEE Queensland Section PES/DEIS joint Chapter now accepts applications for 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Queensland Chapter Conference Travel Prize for attending IEEE PES GM 2018 in  Portland, Oregon, USA, which will be held during Sunday, August 05, 2018 to Thursday, August 09, 2018. If you are eligible, please submit your application on or before 1st May, 5 PM Brisbane time 2018 as per the process described [here].

This year we are offering maximum 2 scholarships each worth up to $ 2000 (Total scholarship money will be $4000). If necessary please contact PES/DEIS Chapter chair for further information.

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The petition requesting the formation of the Power and Energy Society Chapter is located here.

The IEEE document confirming the foundation of the Power and Energy Society Chapter is located here.

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Tapan Saha

Professor of Electrical Engineering, UQ

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Nilesh Modi


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 Hossein Etesami


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David Batterham


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