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GENERAL INFO Your Quintessential Tech Resource Thought leadership, expert education and in-depth articles are available online from IEEE Xplore®, your one-stop resource and web tool for the latest research targeting member engineers. When you need additional information, want to catch up on new codes and standards, or simply desire to beef up your current knowledge […]

2017 Sections Congress

IEEE Sections Congress The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board will partner to host IEEE Sections Congress 2017 (SC2017), August 11 through 13 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia. Titled: “Brilliant Minds, Bright Futures,” IEEE Sections Congress 2017 convenes every three years and gathers IEEE leadership to network, train and mentor with peers […]

Resolve to Get Involved

Resolve to Get Involved

A new year primes us for making positive change in the months ahead. It often drives renewed energy and an open mind. This year, consider prioritizing your professional growth and network through membership in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Product Safety and Engineering Society (PSES).

A global community focused on product safety and regulatory engineering, the IEEE Product Safety and Engineering Society includes thousands of members worldwide in the medical, scientific, engineering, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. With access to an online community and opportunities to connect at Society-sponsored events, the PSES offers both established and future professionals valuable resources and connections. Those include, among others: