What’s the Real Value of Professional Membership?

Professional societies like IEEE PSES keep you growing

pses-logoAs 2017 winds down, it’s the perfect time to think about your career, personal development and contributing to a greater good by professional membership in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Product Safety and Engineering Society (PSES).

When you stay focused in your own microcosm of your work, it’s difficult to really stretch the boundaries of what you know and get a real-world perspective on product safety and regulatory engineering and compliance. Membership in IEEE PSES joins you with a global community and includes the expertise of thousands of members worldwide in the medical, scientific, engineering, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Whether networking with an online community or collaborating with others at local, national and global Society-sponsored events, IEEE PSES is your path to professional and personal growth. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

#1: Access to trending information and resources on product design and safety, engineering and technology.

There’s a wealth of knowledge available to members that isn’t available anywhere else, such as white papers, presentations, technical information, standards, IEEE technical journals, research and publications that keep you ahead of the changing technology curve. You’ll also get the latest news, developments and trending topics in product safety engineering and compliance, as well as product, service and equipment developments.

#2: Solidify and grow your network with sponsored activities and events.


Grow Your Network Through Membership in IEEE Societies.

Rubbing elbows with other industry experts, design and compliance engineers is a great way to find out what’s top of mind across the country or the world and IEEE PSCE has many events, including the annual IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE) as well as Section activities and local chapter meetings.

#3: Carve your career development and future success.

Network with like-minded individuals passionate about their technical profession and staying on top of their game. Membership and the variety of gatherings are your personal think tank of engineering and product safety professionals who have similar goals, or parallel industries. This collaboration and camaraderie in a relaxed setting can help you develop your product safety engineering knowledge or gain expertise and solutions from others.

#4: Enhance your professional credentials.

Professional membership can establish or reinforce your credentials. No matter your goals, there’s something for everyone to benefit their current experience and prepare them to take on emerging issues and trends.

#5: Cultivate your capacity to be a true leader.

Thought leaders are made from participation and membership in a variety of organizations, especially those pertinent to their current position. Being an active participant, providing presentations at local and national events and working side by side with others can only enhance your value proposition in product safety engineering and compliance.

Make 2018 the year that you get involved as an IEEE Product Safety and Engineering Society member. Find out more here.