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Thought leadership, expert education and in-depth articles are available online from IEEE Xplore®, your one-stop resource and web tool for the latest research targeting member engineers. When you need additional information, want to catch up on new codes and standards, or simply desire to beef up your current knowledge base, this learning center is ready 24/7 with a wide range of topics and technical research from the global product safety and compliance engineering community.

Access at Your Fingertips; Anywhere in the World.

The IEEE Xplore digital library provides access to IEEE Journals, letters, conference presentations and proceedings, IET Journals, IEEE Standards and IEEE educational courses. Members may conduct searches based on any content field and access their personal subscriptions online. IEEE users at subscribing institutions also have access to certain content.

In an effort to promote its mission of providing product safety engineering for consumers, Xplore is also available to guests who can conduct free keyword searches and gain access to basic abstracts and the tables of contents.

Ready When You Are

Log on any time day or night and peruse the site – check out all the different tabs and what’s available. Visit the home page to search the site for what you need or by publication or author. For example, select appropriate content from journals and magazines; conference publications; standards; courses; and books and eBooks. In addition IEEE Xplore users can receive real-time email alerts when new content is available from publishers such as IEEE, MIT Press and Morgan & Claypool. Also new and readily accessible to IEEE Xplore members, IEEE and Code Ocean recently partnered to enable IEEE partners to upload and share code on the Code Ocean platform. IEEE Xplore is chock full of all the latest information, including the growing trend of cyber security, so engineers and product safety compliance members can stay abreast of the most current threats and mitigation strategies.

A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology and promoting education and thought leadership. Visit Xplore for more information, contact us directly via email or call 1-800-678-4333 toll-free in the U.S. and Canada and +1 732-981-0060 worldwide.