Resolve to Get Involved


Resolve to Get Involved

A new year primes us for making positive change in the months ahead. It often drives renewed energy and an open mind. This year, consider prioritizing your professional growth and network through membership in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Product Safety and Engineering Society (PSES).

A global community focused on product safety and regulatory engineering, the IEEE Product Safety and Engineering Society includes thousands of members worldwide in the medical, scientific, engineering, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. With access to an online community and opportunities to connect at Society-sponsored events, the PSES offers both established and future professionals valuable resources and connections. Those include, among others:

#1: Access to timely information on product design and safety, engineering, and technology.

Stay ahead of the curve in the safety and technology developments that affect your projects now as well as the future of your work. Whether you’re building your career, sharpening your imagination, or deepening your technical knowledge for sales presentations, IEEE’s technical journals, research, and publications offer a wealth of current information on developments in product safety engineering as well as cutting-edge news in equipment and device development.

#2: Grow your network with Society-sponsored activities and events.

Membership provides opportunities to connect with others in the field through the annual IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE) as well as other Society-sponsored events, Section activities, and meetings organized by local chapters.

#3: Invest in your career development.

Connect with others as passionate about work and career as you are. With information, professional development opportunities, and the connections offered through an online and in-person community, you’ll have a “think tank” of like-minded engineering and product safety professionals. Exchange ideas and new solutions, seek collaboration, and grow your knowledge base.

#4: Burnish your professional credentials.

Professional membership can establish or reinforce your professional credentials, whatever your goal—from growing your sales prospects to helping your resume stand out from the crowd.

#5: Grow your leadership capacity.

Making the most of your PSES membership, from coordinating local events to establishing thought leadership, helps you cultivate your own leadership experience. In turn, you’ll see the benefits in your career growth, now and in future.

This year, resolve to get involved as an IEEE Product Safety and Engineering Society member. When you do, you’ll expand your network, grow your technical knowledge, and push your professional horizons.