2021 Competition on Evolutionary Computation in the Energy Domain

Following the success of the previous editions (CEC, GECCO, WCCI), we are launching a more challenging competition at major conferences, which also involve concepts from the field of computational intelligence. Website: This IEEE PES GM 2021, IEEE CEC 2021 & GECCO 2021 competition proposes two tracks in the energy domain:

Track 1) Bi-level optimization of bidding strategies in local energy markets (LEM). This track is constructed under the same framework of the past competitions (therefore, former competitors can adapt their algorithms to this new track), representing a complex bi-level problem in which competitive agents in the upper-level try to maximize their profits, modifying and depending on the price determined in the lower-level problem (i.e., the clearing price in the LEM), thus resulting in a strong interdependence of their decisions.

Track 2) Flexibility management of home appliances to support DSO requests. A model for aggregators flexibility provision in distribution networks that takes advantage of load flexibility resources allowing the re-schedule of shifting/real-time home-appliances to provision a request from a distribution system operator (DSO) is proposed. The problem can be modeled as a Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Programming (MINLP) in which the aggregator strives to match a flexibility request from the DSO/BRP, paying remuneration to the households participating in the DR program according to their preferences and the modification of their baseline profile.

Guidelines, rules, and a full description is available in website: under menus “Competitions” -> “2021”

Important Remarks

·  Notice that submission of papers or assistance to PES GM, CEC, or GECCO by competition participants is not mandatory

· You are welcome to submit short descriptions of your algorithms and results as 2-page papers to be included in the GECCO Companion. This is voluntary — Submission deadline is April 12, 2021 –

Important Dates:

Submit your results by June 15, 2021, 23:59 (GMT).


We are glad to announce that our competition will offer a IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) prize of 1000 $ (500 $ for the winner of each track). Good luck and stay tuned. Thanks!

Competition Organizers:

Fernando Lezama, GECAD, Polytechnic of Porto (

Joao Soares, GECAD, Polytechnic of Porto (

Bruno Canizes, GECAD, Polytechnic of Porto (

Zita Vale, Polytechnic of Porto (

Ruben Romero, UNESP Ilha Solteira (


Activity of IEEE CIS Task Force 3 on Computational Intelligence in the Energy Domain with the support of IEEE CIS (prize)

IEEE PES Working Group on Modern Heuristic Optimization (WGMHO) and Intelligent Systems Subcommittee (ISS),

part of IEEE PES TC Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS)