TBD Expansion planning considering uncertainty (Competition & panel)

TBD Competition & panel: Emerging heuristic optimization algorithms for expansion planning and flexibility optimization in sustainable electrical power systems considering uncertainty

The planning of sustainable electrical power systems faces a great amount of uncertainty due to different factors, like high variability and high share of renewable power generation, and random variations of demand and ancillary service providers. From mathematical point of view, the problem is hard-to-solve due to the need of considering a large number of probabilistic models that represent uncertain variables, combined with the complexity of a search space defined by non-linear equations modelling the physical system performance, as well as special problem properties like non-convexity, discontinuity and multi-modality.

This panel will take place at A FUTURE CONFERENCE and will introduce a test bed on optimal power system expansion planning considering uncertainty. The problems aims at minimizing expected values of capital and operational expenditures, which are obtained via simulative probabilistic methods and non-chronological random sampling from pre-defined probabilistic distribution functions of nodal power generation and demand. The test bed is based on two IEEE benchmark systems with different size and physical behavior. In this way developers of different types of heuristics based methods are challenged to find the optimum value within a limited computing budget. The developers are only allowed to improve calculation principles and settings of their methods. Besides, the panel will present the results and a statistical comparative evaluation of the performance of the contestant methods.

The first three ranked algorithms will be selected for presentation at the panel, for which only PowerPoint presentations were required. Certificates will be given to the authors of these algorithms at the end of the panel session. Please note that the participation in the panel requires a registration in the conference (cf. registration info at TBD). Therefore, the invitation to join the panel does not entail any form of financial support.  All interested participants are encouraged to send an email to by (date TBD), indicating their names, affiliation, and the algorithm to be used. The deadline for submission of results and codes is (date TBD).


Organizers of the panel:

Chairman: Prof. José Rueda, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands (
Co-chair 1: Prof. Santiago Torres, University of Cuenca, Ecuador (
Co-chair 2: Prof. Sergio Rivera, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia (


The details of the evaluation process and the order of the top 3 algorithms for each test bed will be announced in the conference TBD.



The call for the competition can be downloaded here.

The document with problem definitions, implementation & submission guidelines, and the Matlab codes for the test beds can be downloaded here. Note: In order to get the routines working, it is necessary the following:

– Matpower 6.0

– TSPOPF5.1_64  (it is supposed that you can get it from the Matpower webpage, if not, you can ask it directly to the developer of Matpower (Ray Zimmerman

Both must be installed in the Matlab path. Matlab versions 2016-2019 are recommended.


Important dates:

Call for competition: TBD

Confirmation of participation: TBD

Submission of results and codes: TBD

The announcement of the best three ranked algorithms: TBD

Conference TBD: TBD(see the call for papers TBD)