Puerto Rico MOVE efforts

In an attempt to spread the good impact that IEEE USA initiative, MOVE, has been having in the society for years, Jenifer Castillo (R9) has led the initial processes to work together with the Red Cross, Puerto Rico’s Chapter, and is building up a Community Outreach program that allow the Sections in Puerto Rico, to recreate the impact this program is having in USA.

With the close support of Loderay Bracero, and the Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section chair, Christian Figueroa, Jenifer consolidated a group of eight committed volunteers, that now are Red Cross volunteers as well, part of the DST (Disaster Services Technologies) Team.

The volunteers are currently undergoing the training portion of the process, which has been challenging considering the constrains that comes with COVID-19 global outbreak. But in a joint effort with the Red Cross team, they have been able to go through the different training modules and establish a path to strengthen the DST initiatives in the island and they are able to support the response of the Red Cross in future disasters if needed.

Puerto Rico is frequently hit by hurricanes and other natural disasters, so this is a very worthwhile effort.

IEEE MOVE Newsletter – February 2020