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[email protected]

Did you know . . . IEEE recently launched [email protected], where members can select a personal mail address and can choose to set-up a Gmail in-box to receive mail or forward…

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Reunión de Directiva Estudiantil IEEE Inter

Resumen de la reunión  de la nueva directiva inter Estudiantil – Recinto Bayamón Reunión de Directiva Estudiantil IEEE Inter 2013-2014 con la Sección Profesional 4/Mayo/2014.

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Board of Directors 2012-2014

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE IEEE PUERTO RICO & CARIBBEAN SECTION 2012 -2014 Ronald Hopgood, P.E Section Chair Ralph Kreil, P.E Section vice – Chair Victor Simmons, P.E –…

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New Board Directors Recently Elected!

Chair : Victor Simons Vice Chair : Ronald Hopgood Secretary : Walter Carrasquillo Treasurer : Ralph Kreil Affinity Group Chairman (GOLD): Luis A. Tatis Morales

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President IEEE 2010!

Pedro Ray IEEE President Pedro Ray successfully completed the Harvard Business School OPM program, class of 2001. He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Georgia Tech.  He is a…

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¡Feliz Navidad! Y Feliz año Nuevo 2010.

! Que en estas fiestas, la magia sea tu mejor traje, tu sonrisa el mejor regalo, tus ojos el mejor destino y tu felicidad nuestro mejor deseo. ¡Feliz Navidad! Felicidades …

Bienvenidos ! Welcome !

Welcome to our site of IEEE  Puerto Rico & the Caribbean Section New BLog site. Under Construction   !  Coming soon updates and News …