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Announcing the 2024 Volunteer Leadership Training Program

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VoLT program prepares you to take leadership positions at IEEE and beyond!

VoLT training includes Live webinar courses; personal mentoring; and a challenging team project!
The benefits of VoLT training are:
-> Improve Project Management, Leadership, and People skills.
-> Maximise networking with IEEE leaders, peers, and course mentors.

A valuable part of VoLT training is personal mentoring. Benefits are:

-> Counselling students on soft skills like assertiveness, interviewing, teamwork, and leadership.
-> Providing educational and career track advice where appropriate.

A valuable part of VoLT training is the team project, including:
-> Building relationships with team members.
-> Developing a business plan and a presentation.
-> Producing a team video.
-> One team member said: My team is super active and we exchanged many ideas.

Testimonial excerpts from VoLT Graduates
-> We can learn from other cultures.
-> The VoLT program helped me to develop my volunteering, leadership and mentoring skills.
-> Amazing program!
-> The best part of VoLT is the mentors…

Some of the VoLT courses are:
-> Managing Your Time, Your Career, and Your Life
-> Dealing with Difficult People
-> IEEE Collabratec
-> Leadership
-> Social Media Success
-> Entrepreneurship

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