IEEE Young Professionals R9 Meeting

IEEE Young Professionals R9 Meeting: Know Your WhyLeading by Tania Abrego

IEEE Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section Young Professionals, it is a priority to strengthen the young professionals so we can increase the benefits to our members. For it, it is important to have a strong professional team at a local level.

Currently, the Young Professionals Team does not have members that help Young Professional Chair to increase and motivate more young professionals to be volunteers in Puerto Rico, and we are looking for more volunteers. This is a call for volunteers in case you would like to be part of the board of Young Professionals in the section, with the responsibilities and opportunities it has.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. (Below you may find the steps for being a YP VoluntIEEEr member).

VoluntIEEEr Connection Form:

Best Regards,
Hector Colón Morales,
Young Professionals Chair