µVolunteering platform

Due to the specific period in life at which Young Professionals find themselves, free time is limited. Some of the participants might have been active IEEE volunteers during their student days, but with the shift to work and managing their careers, they find it challenging to maintain the same level of involvement as a volunteer. Other Young Professionals have been IEEE members for years, but have never tried volunteering, and would like to start somewhere small. The proposed micro-volunteering (µVolunteering) platform would help address such needs, by introducing a degree of flexibility to volunteering within IEEE. Through this platform, Young Professionals will be able to advertise and search for volunteering opportunities, be it short- or long-term, local or remote, or requiring different skills.

The µVolunteering platform could potentially serve all IEEE members, contributing to the improvement of member and volunteer retention and satisfaction rates. For more information about the µVolunteering, and the IEEE Young Professionals Business plan, please refer to the IEEE Young Professionals business plan.