Create a sustainable future

Reforest Your Community: Act Now and Plant a Tree

Plant a tree or garden and create a sustainable future.

The average tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, which would release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support two human beings.1 Tree planting produces and filters oxygen and acts as a carbon dioxide “sink”, storing chemical in its wood to minimize “greenhouse” gases. Additionally, planting a tree can help reduce flash flooding, snow drifts, water runoff, and land erosion, as well as create windbreaks, which can lower home heating demands by up to 30 percent.


IEEE members across the globe are leveraging technology to build sustainable environments that seek to restore deforested areas. In the United States, IEEE Senior Life Member, Venkappa Gani transformed his home in Texas into an entirely sustainable living space. Mr. Gani’s home, which includes a garden that serves as his daily food source, a rain water harvesting system, and solar panels, showcases how individuals can easily implement sustainable living in their daily lives. Mr. Gani utilized science and technology to engineer this perfect ecosystem that virtually eliminated his dependency on non-renewable energy sources.


To view a collection of videos, and learn helpful tips on best ways to plant for a sustainable environment, click here:

Take this IEEE Green Your World Challenge – and help restore your community by planting a tree or garden today.


“Quick tip on setting up a sustainable garden: every plant has specific soil, climate, sun, and water needs. If they go unmet, the stressed-out flora may suck up double the amount of water in their effort to survive. Stick to plants that are well-adapted to the area and the conditions of your yard, or invest in native and drought-resistant varieties – which can add an additional benefit, including cutting outdoor water bills in half.”

– Venkappa Gani, IEEE Senior Life Member

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