2017 IEEE PES PowerAfrica Conference “Harnessing Energy, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Affordable Electrification of Africa” Meet researchers, executives, industry leaders, regulators, investors, and participants from ICT, energy, power & utility industries NOW ACCEPTING PAPER SUBMISSIONS     Registration Fees Available Welcome to the 2017 IEEE PES PowerAfrica Conference coming to Accra, Ghana, June 27-30,… Read more


Omar V. Al Sherif – Electrical Engineer Nwabisa Ntshamba – Electrical Engineer Ester Hamatwi – Research Assistant Mathy Mpassy – Principal Consultant Kanjo E. Shey – Electrical Engineer Liking M. Mulenga – Asst. Electrical Superintendent Hadija Hassan – Project Manager Ngeh E. Bah – Electrical Engineer Eligrania Lema – Mentor/Trainor Chanda K. Chalwe – Electrical… Read more