Omar V. Al Sherif – Electrical Engineer Nwabisa Ntshamba – Electrical Engineer Ester Hamatwi – Research Assistant Mathy Mpassy – Principal Consultant Kanjo E. Shey – Electrical Engineer Liking M. Mulenga – Asst. Electrical Superintendent Hadija Hassan – Project Manager Ngeh E. Bah – Electrical Engineer Eligrania Lema – Mentor/Trainor Chanda K. Chalwe – Electrical… Read more

PowerAfrica Post Conference News Updates

Update from Tutorial C -Innovative Entrepreneurial Opportunities.  (culled from IEEE Society Sentinel Newsletter – 13 July 2016 (2016-07-13) Vol. 21, No. 13) On 28 June 2016, Ken Stauffer, Chair of the IEEE Entrepreneurship Ad Hoc Committee and Rakesh Kumar, Vice-Chair of the committee piloted the IEEE Entrepreneurship tutorial event. The tutorial was organized not only to… Read more

2016 IEEE PES PowerAfrica Conference FAQ

Thus FAQ will be continuously updated throughout for the duration of the conference Q. How do I register for the conference? A. Please proceed to to register. Registration rates are available here Q. Which hotels are available for the conference? A. Royal Livingstone, Avani Victoria Falls, Protea and Charisma hotels are all available… Read more

Power and Electrification in Africa Conversations with Urenna

1st Conversation: Women in Power in Africa: Likonge Makai Mulenga in the Zambia Mining Industry 2nd Conversation: Voice of the Masses on Local Energy Security 3rd Conversation: Politician’s Perspective on Electrification in Zambia: Chipoka Mulenga 4th Conversation: Career Choices: Prof. Jorry Muyetwa Mwenechanya of the Rural Electrification Authority, Zambia 5th Conversation:AllowPowerInAba: Mobilize Youth and Individuals… Read more