• Omar V. Al Sherif – Electrical Engineer
  • Nwabisa Ntshamba – Electrical Engineer
  • Ester Hamatwi – Research Assistant
  • Mathy Mpassy – Principal Consultant
  • Kanjo E. Shey – Electrical Engineer
  • Liking M. Mulenga – Asst. Electrical Superintendent
  • Hadija Hassan – Project Manager
  • Ngeh E. Bah – Electrical Engineer
  • Eligrania Lema – Mentor/Trainor
  • Chanda K. Chalwe – Electrical Engineer
  • Mukhobeh Moses Khalkha – Executive Director
  • William Thompson – Electrical Engineer
  • Amy Nabiliou – Project Manager
  • Naha Khvaireddine – Student
  • Stanley Tshoga – Director

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