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WiE-Portugal participates in Seminar promoted by IEEE Bahawalpur [UCET IUB]

More pictures here.

“I change the world, I am engineer…” was more than event from IEEE UCET-IUB, WIE Chapter, Bahawalpur. The event included motivational & interactive talks from International; speakers from Malaysia, Portugal & Tunisia. We are extremely thankful to international WIE speakers (Dr Sandra Costa from WiE-Portugal, Saleha Javed From Malaysia and Maessa Abdullah Ben Aziz from Tunisian) for participating and delivering seminars on the role of women in the field of Engineering & science and benefits of WIE. Also thankful to Usman Munawar YP Lahore Section and Gonçalo YP Portugal for Collaboration with IEEE WIE UCET IUB. Alongside these very productive interactive sessions, the WIE members are participated in capacity building sessions & activity. The students were convinced about the significance of their role in engineering. This session put the participants, particularly woman, at a new driving seat; towards a new horizon of success; with new goals to achieve. In Facebook IEEE Bahawalpur [UCET IUB]

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