Clementina Saduwa Award 2015 – Call for Nominations


Who is Clementina Saduwa?

Clementina Saduwa was a tireless and extremely effective volunteer student leader a few years back, when the IEEE Nigeria Section was being revived, and she went on to become the first ever IEEE Region 8 Women In Engineering (WIE) Coordinator. In January 2007, She was killed in a random act of violence and leaves behind her husband and young daughter. She was 29 years old.

To honour her rule and work throughout the years, WIE have named the award for the recognition of women engineer in Region 8 who, through their engineering and career achievements, have demonstrated noteworthy support for women in the profession and have established a benchmark of engineering excellence after her name.

May your soul rest in peace Clementina

Objectives of the Award:

Objectives of the Award is to recognize a woman engineer in Region 8 who, through her engineering and career achievements, has demonstrated noteworthy support for women in the profession and have established a benchmark of engineering excellence and of the following eligibility criteria.

The final decision of a committee composed of 5 members, was based on various aspects, including CV, personal statement, level of difficulties in achieving a professional career, reference letters, level of involvement of referees. The winner of the Clementina Saduwa Award for 2014 was Monique Jeanne Morrow from Switzerland. for her professional and personal achievements.

Eligibility and Selection:

Selection Criteria will be reviewed by the IEEE Region 8 WIE and Awards and Recognition Subcommittees. The eligible candidate must be;
1.      An active female engineer working in one of the fields of interest of IEEE.
2.      An IEEE member who’s engineering and career achievements are performed in one of the countries belonging to the IEEE Region 8.
3.      The submitted application must provide a statement (750 words maximum) that reflects her career goals, challenges and obstacles she faced in her career and describes how she had overcome them.
4.      The nominator (who could be a non-IEEE member) has to submit at least two signed endorsement letters from individuals(References) who are qualified to evaluate her success (Work colleague, teachers, etc). Additional optional endorsement letters from public or private establishments can be provided.
5.      Award can be offered to candidate one time only.

Amount of the Award:
Set to 1000 Euro. Award to be presented to winner at the IEEE Region 8 Meeting in March 2015

Submission guidelines:
Applications must be submitted to; incomplete applications will not be considered. Deadline is 23:59 UTC 15 February 2015.

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