Have you heard about IEEE Academic?

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Visit http://academic.ieee.org/ IEEE Academic is: dozens of teams from all over the world: We have teams in several universities and schools from over 15 countries. students and professors working together: Students are involved at all levels of the project, and work side-by-side with their favorite professors to make sure videos are useful for students. creating free educational multimedia materials: Everything will be available to everyone, everwhere, using any device on the web, for free. in their own languages, meeting their own needs: We believe education is local, and content should be created locally, based on what is needed on the ground. and inventing new tools for education: We are pooling our experience as students, teachers, and researchers, to create new tools and new ways of teaching and learning.

WiE-Portugal participates in Seminar promoted by IEEE Bahawalpur [UCET IUB]

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More pictures here. “I change the world, I am engineer…” was more than event from IEEE UCET-IUB, WIE Chapter, Bahawalpur. The event included motivational & interactive talks from International; speakers from Malaysia, Portugal & Tunisia. We are extremely thankful to international WIE speakers (Dr Sandra Costa from WiE-Portugal, Saleha Javed From Malaysia and Maessa Abdullah Ben Aziz from Tunisian) for participating and delivering seminars on the role of women in the field of Engineering & science and benefits of WIE. Also thankful to Usman Munawar YP Lahore Section and Gonçalo YP Portugal for Collaboration with IEEE WIE UCET IUB. Alongside these very productive interactive sessions, the WIE members are participated in capacity building sessions & activity. The students were convinced about the significance of their role in engineering. This session put the participants, particularly woman, at a new driving seat; towards a new horizon of success; with new goals to achieve. […]

Albert Einstein Told Marie Curie To Ignore The Haters

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photo credit: NobelPrize.Org In November 1911, Marie Skłodowska-Curie was weeks away from being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. She received her first Nobel in 1903 for Physics, and the new award meant that she was the first person ever to receive two Prizes. She remains the only person to be recognized in two different sciences. Though her extraordinary work as a scientist should have been all anyone cared about, it seemed that many were preoccupied with her personal life. Pierre Curie died in 1906, leaving Marie as a widow. A few years later, she becameromantically involved with physicist Paul Langevin, who had been a doctoral student of Pierre’s. Though Langevin was separated from his wife, they were still technically married. The relationship caused troubles in the Langevin home, but that was nothing compared towhat was about to spill over into the public eye. Curie, Langevin, and about 20 other scientists were invited to an elite, invitation-only conference […]

Chivalry and Equality Went On A Date. Guess Who Paid?

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Andrew Smiler wonders why changes in gender roles have had a minimal impact on dating. — Gender roles have changed dramatically over the last forty years or so. In 1970, men outnumbered women on college campuses two to one; today, women outnumber men by a several percentage points. Women have moved into a variety of jobs that weren’t open to them. They’re members of every branch of the US Military and can now participate in combat. They serve in high political office, holding a record 20 seats in the US Senate; Secretaries of State Albright, Rice, and Clinton, were 4th in line to the presidency (after the Vice-President and President Pro Tempore of the Senate). Men’s roles have also changed. In 1970, about 2% of households were headed by a single-parent father; today, it’s about 8%. That’s coupled with a shift from dad as provider-disciplinarian to dad as someone who is involved […]

17 Empowering Gifts For Girls That Aren’t Pink Or Sparkly

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Letters to Santa are already en route to the North Pole, filled with requests for the top toys of 2014. No doubt that Elsa and Barbie will be in high demand, but many kids are hoping for something that isn’t a pink, sparkly, blonde-haired doll. Thankfully, those popular toys are not the only options. We looked to A Mighty Girl, a site whose mission is to raise “smart, confident, and courageous girls,” for inspiration in finding toys that encourage creativity and support kids as they acquire new skills. After all, Toys R Us and other big box stores are moving away from the “pink aisle” and the “blue aisle,” so it’s probably time for Santa to head in that direction, too. 1 Crazy Forts Get Crazy Forts. 2 GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine Get GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine. 3 Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science Get Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science. 4 Briarpatch […]

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: Debbie Sterling at TEDxPSU

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Close your eyes and picture and engineer. You probably weren’t envisioning Debbie Sterling. Debbie Sterling is an engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. She has made it her mission in life to tackle the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math. GoldieBlox is a book series+construction set that engages kids to build through the story of Goldie, the girl inventor who solves problems by building simple machines. Debbie writes and illustrates Goldie’s stories, taking inspiration from her grandmother, one of the first female cartoonists and creator of “”Mr. Magoo.”” Her company, launched in 2012, raised over $285,000 in 30 days through Kickstarter, and has been featured in numerous publications such as The Atlantic and Forbes. Prior to founding GoldieBlox, Debbie served as the Marketing Director of Lori Bonn, a national jewelry company. For the past 7 years, she […]

Inviting girls to Big Dreams

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On March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. Every year on this date, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. Women’s equality has made positive gains, but plenty of inequality still exists. International Women’s Day commemorates the social, political, and economic achievements of women, while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action. “Inspiring Change” was the theme of the 2014 celebration, and the goal was to encourage advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere in every way. Promoting women’s equality requires courageously challenging the status quo and vigilantly inspiring positive change. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Microsoft profiled the work of five female employees—whose efforts are representative of the work of countless other Microsoft women—in empowering girls’ and women’s involvement in science, research, computing, and engineering. Just two days after International Women’s Day, the fifty-eighth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) kicked off at […]

Why It’s Crucial to Get More Women Into Science

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Amid growing signs that gender bias has affected research outcomes and damaged women’s health, there’s a new push to make science more relevant to them. Pioneers, past and present: From top left (clockwise), Jane Goodall, Rachel Carson, Mary Leakey, Mae Jemison, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin Marguerite Del Giudice for National Geographic James Gross, a psychology professor at Stanford University, has a 13-year-old daughter who loves math and science. It hasn’t occurred to her yet that that’s unusual, he says. “But I know in the next couple of years, it will.”

IJARS Women in Robotics – Announcing Our First Ambassador

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IJARS is proud to present the first person who has accepted the challenging task of acting as an ambassador for our Women in Robotics project. Dr. Amy Loutfi (University of Örebro, Sweden) has joined the initiative with her reflection on the female role in engineering. Here is her story. Over the years working as a researcher and as an engineer, I have come to understand that seldom is there only one absolute solution to any given problem. Often we work with a number of constraints in our research, whether they be functional, economical or even aesthetic and ethical. To comply with these different constraints requires us to think creatively, finding new ways and avenues to explore in order to provide multifaceted solutions for the benefit of potential users.