5.º Aniversário Women in Engineering em Braga – Líder: A competência sem género

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A seção portuguesa do IEEE – Women in Engineering faz 5 anos e irá juntar alguns especialistas para falar sobre liderança, um tema tão em voga na sociedade atual. Podes fazer a tua inscrição aqui. Queremos juntar homens e mulheres a falar de uma competência que não tem género: ser líder. Ser líder é algo muito mais inconsciente e automático do que somente assumir as responsabilidades. Sob pressão, quem é líder define as melhores soluções de maneira rápida e espontânea. Mas… como tomar as melhores decisões? O processo de determinar com convicção o desfecho de uma situação imprevista está relacionada com o acúmulo de experiências adquiridas de circunstâncias quotidianas. Para aprimorar a tua capacidade de liderança, junta-te a nós neste sábado. Podes fazer a tua inscrição aqui.

Bosch – A company fight for gender equality

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      As the chair of the Portuguese Section of IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), I had the opportunity to participate in the IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference, in April 2015, in San Jose, California. In the heart of the Silicon Valley, the attendees of this conference had the opportunity to create communities that fuel innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide support through highly interactive sessions designed to foster discussion and collaboration. WIE-ILC focused on providing leading-edge professional development for mid-level and senior women. The speakers in this conference came from companies such as Cisco, Intel, Xerox, AMD, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Symantec, Ericsson, among others and the sessions were divided in the following tracks: Innovation: skills to create new technology, lead innovative teams, foster creative cultures or develop disruptive technology; Empowerment: skills to help women advance in their careers; Entrepreneurship: skills around start-ups, business models, venture funding, finance or leadership communication; Executive […]

Manuela Veloso: RoboCup’s Champion

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This roboticist has transformed robot soccer into a global phenomenon By Prachi Patel Photo: Ross Mantle Stepping out of the elevator on the seventh floor of Carnegie Mellon University’s Gates Center for Computer Science, I’m greeted by an ungainly yet courteous robot. It guides me to the office of Manuela Veloso, who beams at the bot like a proud parent. Veloso then punches a few buttons to send it off to her laboratory a few corridors away. Veloso, a computer science professor at CMU, in Pittsburgh, has worked for over two decades to develop such autonomous mobile robots. She believes that humans and robots will one day coexist, and my robot escort, named CoBot (for Collaborative Robot), is one of her contributions to that future. Her far greater contribution is as the force behind the global sensation of robot soccer. The RoboCup competition, which she has championed since its earliest days, has not […]

Madam C.E.O., Get Me a Coffee

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Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Women Doing ‘Office Housework’ By ADAM GRANT and SHERYL SANDBERGFEB. 6, 2015 Photo CreditGaetan Bally/Keystone for The New York Times LATE one Friday afternoon at a leading consulting firm, a last-minute request came in from a client. A female manager was the first to volunteer her time. She had already spent the entire day meeting with junior colleagues who were seeking career advice, even though they weren’t on her team. Earlier in the week, she had trained several new hires, helped a colleague improve a presentation and agreed to plan the office holiday party. When it came time for her review for partner, her clear track record as a team player combined with her excellent performance should have made her a shoo-in. Instead, her promotion was delayed for six months, and then a year. This is the sad reality in workplaces around the world: Women help more […]

“We want a successful organization of WIE International Leadership Conference 2015”

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MESSAGE FROM 2015 IEEE WOMEN IN ENGINEERING COMMITTEE CHAIR In 2014, WIE celebrated its 20th anniversary. It commemorated the year by establishing a strong business plan, organized the 1st International Leadership Conference, showed a strong Facebook presence, published an inspiring WIE eBook, supported several conference partnerships, encouraged WIE Affinity Groups’ and volunteers’ activities, added 37 new affinity groups to bring the worldwide total to 510, and reached 15,000+ total members. These accomplishments were made possible by an engaged, vibrant community of volunteers led by chair Nita Patel. I thank Ms. Nita Patel for her hard work that brought such achievements to WIE, as well as the generosity and cooperation she has shown throughout this transition. I would also like to express my heartiest thanks to all WIE members for their dedicated volunteer works. For 2015, I would like to accelerate our business plan steadily to provide enhanced member benefit, celebrate […]

Clementina Saduwa Award 2015 – Call for Nominations

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Who is Clementina Saduwa?Clementina Saduwa was a tireless and extremely effective volunteer student leader a few years back, when the IEEE Nigeria Section was being revived, and she went on to become the first ever IEEE Region 8 Women In Engineering (WIE) Coordinator. In January 2007, She was killed in a random act of violence and leaves behind her husband and young daughter. She was 29 years old.To honour her rule and work throughout the years, WIE have named the award for the recognition of women engineer in Region 8 who, through their engineering and career achievements, have demonstrated noteworthy support for women in the profession and have established a benchmark of engineering excellence after her name.May your soul rest in peace ClementinaObjectives of the Award:Objectives of the Award is to recognize a woman engineer in Region 8 who, through her engineering and career achievements, has demonstrated noteworthy support for […]

9 Giant Leaps For Women In Science and Technology In 2014

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From the White House to low-Earth orbit, 2014 was a big year for women in the world of STEM. There was in fact 9 Giant Leaps For Women In Science and Technology In 2014. By Melissa Jun Rowley Fast-forward to 2018. That year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the country will have 1.2 million unfilled jobs in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math, known by that increasingly inescapable acronym STEM. Look at those positions now and the lack of women—a group who make up more than half of the workforce—isn’t a problem just for women. The whole economy feels it. And without question, changing gender stereotypes and breaking down what scientists and engineers should look like is a long overdue transformation. The good news is, it’s all happening. Female leaders in STEM are shedding light on a means to a solution by being the solution themselves. While the numbers are in need of […]


5 facts you should know about women who shaped modern physics

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Featured image: Austrian physicist Lise Meitner, who first developed the theory explaining the process of nuclear fission. Theoretical physicist (and TED Fellow) Shohini Ghose has two great passions: physics, and advocating for gender equity in the sciences. “There are still relatively few women in physics – and the higher up the ladder in academia or industry you go, the fewer women you find,” says Ghose. “Yet the laws of physics themselves are gender neutral, and the beauty of the universe is equally accessible to everyone. So why so few women, and how can we change that?” Recently, we asked Ghose to share five of her favorite facts about women and their contribution to physics. Here they are: 1. Marie Curie is the only person to have won Nobel Prizes in two different scientific disciplines. First, Marie Curie won in 1903 for her studies of radioactivity. She shared the prize with her husband Pierre Curie and […]

Five Ways You Can Promote Gender Equality in Your Workplace

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By Katie Zeppieri  Gender equality continues to be one of the largest movements of our generation. Out of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations in 2000, the third goal listed is “promote gender equality and empower women.” November 25th marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and launched the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign which concludes on December 10, Human Rights Day. Pink may be the colour typically associated with girls and women but to mark this 16-day campaign the United Nations is encouraging people to Orange YOUR Neighbourhood to promote gender equality while taking action to end violence against women and girls around the world. The United Nations estimates that globally, one in three women will experience violence at some point in her life. Violence against women takes many forms including: physical, sexual, psychological and economic. Gender discrimination is not just a private problem; it also […]