Activity Plan 2018/2019

For the biennium 2018-2019, the Chapter will continue the consolidation plan initiated in the former biennium and keep its focus on the following main activities:


  • Reinforce the visibility of the Chapter in the national context by promoting the dissemination of activities developed and research results by its members, both on the internet and social networks (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook), accompanied by the formal beginning of Chapter Newsletter;


  • Promote areas of intervention of the Chapter involving the Academy and Industry to encourage the recruitment of new members through competitions at national level (e.g. Student Design Contest), organization of special Summer School events, host of IEEE Distinguished Lecturers, and organizing or collaborating in other events of interest;


  • Acknowledge the scientific merit of its members at the national level for each of the areas of the Chapter, by proposing regulation for a Distinction of “Best Researcher: AP-ED-MTT Portuguese Chapter”; and “Best Young Researcher: AP-ED-MTT Portuguese Chapter“;


  • Identify and disseminate the available capacity (human and laboratory resources), developed activities and opportunities, in a kind of Research & Infrastructures Roadmap.