IEEE J-STSP Special Issue on Acoustic Source Localization and Tracking in Dynamic Real-life Scenes


Summary: Acoustic source localization is a well-studied topic in signal processing, but most traditional methods incorporate simplifying assumptions such as a point source, free-field propagation of the sound wave, static acoustic sources, time-invariant sensor constellations, and simple noise fields. However, these assumptions may be seriously violated in a range of emerging applications, such as audio recording with mobile devices (e.g. cell phones, extreme cameras, and robots), video conferencing on the go, and recording for 3D reproduction and virtual reality. In these applications, the environment is extremely challenging, with spatially distributed sources, reverberation, complex noise fields, multiple concurrent speakers, interferences, and time-varying sources and sensors positions.

The proposed special issue aims to present recent advances in the development of signal processing methods for localization and tracking of acoustic sources and the associated theory and applications. To address the challenges raised by the real-life environment, novel methods that use modern array processing, speech processing and data inference tools, become a necessity.

As these challenges involve both audio processing and sensor arrays, this proposal is timely and relevant to researchers from both acoustic signal processing domain and array processing domain. The guest editors are therefore coming from both communities. It comprises of current and past chairs of the respective technical committees (Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing – AASP and Sensor and Sensor Array and Multichannel – SAM TCs). This special issue proposal follows successful special sessions in major conferences: “Learning-based Sound Source Localization and Spatial Information Retrieval” ICASSP2016), “Speaker localization in dynamic real-life environments” (ICASSP2017), “Acoustic Scene Analysis and Signal Enhancement using Microphone Array” (EUSIPCO2017), “Acoustical Signal Processing for Hearables” (EUSIPCO2017).

Prospective authors should follow the instructions given on the IEEE JSTSP webpage, and submit their manuscript through the web submission system.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Localization in multipath and reverberant environments
  • Tracking moving sources
  • Performance bounds on localization and tracking
  • Dynamic platforms for localization and tracking (e.g. robots, cell phones, hearables, hearing aids)
  • Binaural localization using head-related transfer functions (HRTFs)
  • Localization “behind the walls”
  • Distributed algorithms for wireless acoustic sensor networks (WASNs) for localization
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Acoustic scene analysis
  • Detection and localization acoustic events (e.g. falls, footsteps)
  • Learning-based localization (e.g. dimensionality-reduction, regression, clustering, classification, sparse representations, dictionary learning)
  • Bayesian localization and tracking algorithms (e.g. sequential Monte-Carlo, particle filters, Probability Hypothesis Density (PHD) methods)
  • Localization using ray tracing


List of Guest Editors:

  • Sharon Gannot
    Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  •  Martin Haardt
    Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany
  • Walter Kellermann
    Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  • Peter Willett
    University of Connecticut, USA
Important Dates (suggested):

  • Manuscript submission: May 1, 2018
  • 1st review completed: July 1, 2018
  • Revised manuscript due: September 1, 2018
  • 2nd review completed: November 1, 2018
  • Final manuscript due: December 15, 2018
  • Publication: March 2019


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