WPXI Tour Post WriteUp!

On Tuesday15AUG17. the Pittsburgh IEEE IAS/PES Joint Chapter held a meeting and engineering tour at the WPXI Channel 11 Television Studio located just North of Pittsburgh, PA. Our tour presenter was Otto Schellin. Otto is the Director of Engineering at WPXI.

We had a great turnout of 36 attendees that included 21 IEEE members. The meeting and tour walked through the history of WPXI which included the signing on of the TV Station known as WIIC back in August 1957. The station broadcast launch was performed by Bill Cardille. Bill Cardille was also known for hosting memorable programs such as Chiller Theatre and Studio Wrestling.

In April 1981, the station’s call sign was changed to WPXI for “Pittsburgh 11″, (with XI being the Roman Numeral for 11).

WPXI currently transmits as virtual channel 11 (UHF digital channel 48) with its antenna located in the Fineview section of Pittsburgh putting out an Effective Radiated Power Output of 1000 kW (1 Million Watts). There are backup generators located at both the antenna and also the TV Studio. The TV Studio employs a 1.5-Megawatt backup generator that spins up to power in a superfast speed of just 8 seconds!

We were lucky enough to have special guest Stephone Cropper stop by for a surprise visit during the meeting. Stephen is the Chief Meteorologist (Weather Man) of WPXI. He gave us a brief overview of meteorology for the Pittsburgh area. He also gave us insight and safety tips on the Solar Eclipse of Mon-21AUG17. Below left, is Stephen talking with our group. Below right, is a great picture of our whole IEEE group behind the official WPXI TV News Desk!

The use of Green Screen video screen is used in television news especially for the weather forecasters. Below we have a demonstration on the use of the Green Screen Technology. Take notice of our pointing volunteer in front of the big green screen with nothing on it, below left. He seems to be pointing to nothing on the screen, ahhhh, but then look to the left of our volunteer and you’ll notice that he is pointing at a super imposed weather map of the PA Tri State area. Below right, take notice of the photo with fully automated cameras that are used to broadcast the news to the viewers at home.


See the news room area below left where news comes into WPXI and the many members of the WPXI team organize and get the news out to the public. Otto Schellin below right is a major contributor to getting this news to you in a perfect HD picture with his many years of engineering experience.

We would like to thank Otto Schellin and all the WPXI Channel 11 Television Studio members for a awesome tour and great behind the scenes memories!

Thank You, Pittsburgh IEEE IAS/PES Joint Chapter