Section Meeting Minutes

IEEE Pikes Peak Section Meeting January 17, 2024

The IEEE Pikes Peak Section held its New Year’s Election and Award meeting on January 17, 2024 at The Warehouse restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs starting at 6:30 pm.  The meeting was attended by 19 Section members and 2 guests.  The Section paid for the meals and non-alcoholic drin

The meeting started with the attendees introducing themselves.  David Bondurant, Section Chair presented a State of the Section report.  He started by describing the Section history.  It was created from the Denver Section, Colorado Springs sub-section in 1978.  It has a 46-year history.  He highlighted the service of John Meredith and John Reinert, two section chairs who went on to serve as IEEE-USA president.  John Reinert was the first IEEE-USA president in 1998.

David Bondurant presented a Section Achievement Award to John Santiago, our Past Chair for his 4-years of Service to the Section

John Reinert, Section treasurer, reported that the Section had $120,852.49 in its NexGen Operating and Investment Accounts at year-end.  The Section is in strong financial position but needs to increase its in-person activities and involve more members to begin to utilize these funds.

David Bondurant presented the slate of officers for 2024.  Ze Ni has volunteered to be Section Secretary, Bailey Heyman volunteered as Student Activities Coordinator, Priyank Kashyap volunteered as YP Representative, Russ Borgardus volunteered as Program Committee Chair, Jude Depalma will be Student Advisor for CSU-Pueblo, Calvin Bahl will be Student Representative for CSU-Pueblo, Dr. Darshika Perera will be Student Advisor for UCCS, Yugesh Bhattarai will be Student Representative from UCCS, and John Ciezki will be Student Advisor of AFA .  David Bondurant (Chair), Gene Freeman (Vice-Chair), and John Santiago (Webmaster) are continuing in their positions.  The position of Section Treasurer is currently open with John Reinert temporarily serving until a replacement is found.  The slate was approved at the meeting by acclimation.

David Bondurant reviewed the Section membership statistics.  We have 659 Professional Members with 71 members being new this year.  We have a total of 68 student members from 5 location Universities (UCCS, CTU, AFA, CSU, and PPCC). We have 5 active Chapters with Life Member Affinity Group and Computer Society being the largest.  He observed that we have 97 YP members in the Section and Priyank in his new YP Representative position will work to form a local YP chapter.

The meeting closed with a short review of several in-person meetings held during the year.  Pikes Peak LMAG participated with Denver LMAG and High Plains Section in a visit to Human Interaction Robotics Group CU Boulder in May.  The Pikes Peak LMAG held a celebration of its Global LMAG Achievement Award in October.  The Pikes Peak ED/CS Chapter reactivated in October after a 4-year pause at UCCS with a large number of students in attendance.  The Section and LMAG made a visit to the National Museum of WWII Aviation in November and toured the Student Simulation that was funded by Section and LMAG with participation of Life Member Committee and Computer Society.  A number of Section Members participated in Future City Colorado, a middle school STEM competition as Judges both reviewing papers on-line and listening to presentations in-person at Regional competition at Colorado School of Mines on January 20.

David Bondurant

17 Jan 2024

State of the Section January 17, 2024