IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) – Phoenix Chapter, Sept. 20, 2017


IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) – Phoenix Chapter,

(Formerly Known as CPMT Society)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017: 5:30 PM


Innovation Roadmapping: Proven process to deliver Innovation to market

Yani Deros, President & Co-founder

ATOM Innovation + Product Development


Delivering the right innovation to any market is no small task in today’s fast paced and connected world. Expectations are high and everyone has a voice and opinion that can be the difference between a product success or failure. Find out how ATOM, a full-service product innovation firm based in Scottsdale, transforms the unique challenges each seed idea/concept through a comprehensive development methodology utilizing their proven Roadmapping process. Understand the formula and critical dynamics of validating the real problems needing to be solved. Tap into the “Voice of the Consumer/Customer” harvesting key insights to establish the product requirements and specifications to define the product development plan. Embrace iterative prototyping (hardware/electronics/UI) and user testing to optimize the user experience as an insurance policy often overlooked to mitigate unnecessary production delays, re-tooling, overruns and failures that adversely derail corporate objectives. Ultimately realize how the encompassing orchestration of shaping technology, electronics, product design and usability is skillfully applied to a Design for Manufacturing solution that can deliver on the expectations – market launch and bottom line revenue!


Yani Deros is an Innovation leader and visionary with 26+ years of experience developing advanced product and technology solutions for start-ups to global corporations. Yani has built ATOM into an internationally recognized and acclaimed product innovation firm specializing in the commercialization of emerging technologies and markets with a majority of their programs including electronics integration.

He has been the nucleus of many extraordinary development programs for some of the largest brands in the world providing creative leadership and a sound development philosophy that has delivered first-to-market and disruptive solutions across a wide range of industries.

ATOM has become one of the most proficient innovation firms in the country having developed over 280+ products and technology solutions in the last 14+ years that have resulted in almost $3B in durable goods orders over that timeframe.

Additionally, Yani has played an instrumental role in helping companies raise over $125 million in venture capital related to his technical and development contributions. His creativity has been honored by many of the most prestigious international product awards in addition to the 65+ U.S. and International patents received to date.