11th Annual IEEE International Coference on RFID, May 9 – 11, 2017

11th Annual IEEE International Coference on RFID, May 9 – 11, 2017

Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix AZ,

The IEEE Technical Council for RFID (CRFID) invites the IEEE Phoenix Section to converge at the 2017 IEEE International Conference (IEEE RFID 2017) -11, 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center. The 11th annual

multi-disciplinary RFID conference is held in conjunction with RFID Journal LIVE! and provides academic and industry

perspectives from around the world and facilitates face-to-face interaction with the top researchers and scientists

working on RFID.

Program Topic/Specialty Areas

Antennas & Propagation – Antenna Theory & Designs, Channel Measurements and Modeling, including MIMO, UWB and Hybrid RFID

Applications & Software – RFID Software, middleware, network applications, various applications of RFID in Smart Cities,, Scientific Studies on operational experience of RFID applications, unconventional RF “identification”

Circuits, Devices & Readers – Circuit designs, radar architecture, non-silicon and chipless RFID, multi-reader co-ordination and interference reduction

Energey Harvesting & Wireless Power – Ambient RF Harvesting, Efficiency improvements, power-optimized waveforms, kinetic, thermal, optical and other power-harvesting methods

Internet of Thingss (IoT) & Next-Gen Physical Layer – RFID-enabled devices, IoT/RFID system architectures, MIMO, hybrid and UWB RFID systems novel networking and communication concepts

Localization – Performance bounds, novel system approaches, technoloogies and algoriths in RFID tag and radar localization, RF tomography and environmental sensing

Protocols & Security – Coding anti-collision, cryptography and privacy-enhancing techniques, medimum/multiple access schenes

Sensors – Integration of sensors with RFID tags, including active, passive or chipless mechanisms; RFID sensor molding and analysis, new sensors for RFID

Smart Cities – RFID system designs for smart citiesincluding data minimg, smart grids management, traffic flow control, mass transit monitoring nfrastructure support, revenue collections, parks management. The use of RFID is smart cities.

What to Expect from IEEE RFID 2017

Gain Experience from leading experts during interactive and hands-on Workshops and Tutorials

Receive Insight on the highest quality, original, high-impact research results in RFID-related topics

Acquire Knowledge on the latest and newest RFID-related work presented during the Poster Session

Engage in Discussion with the IEEE CRFID Smart Cities Mega-Challenge finalists’ as they present their RFID Smart

Cities Proposals

IEEE RFID YP Special Event Invitation Network with Your Peers at the IEEE RFID Young Professionsla Meet-Up and the Annual Networking Dinner. Kick

back and relax with other conference attendees, industry and academicians.

2017 IEEE RFID Keynote Speakers

Don’t miss these respected thought leaders expanding on key research and innovation about today’s most relevant RFID

and RFID related systems topics in this constantly evolving technology that is being widely implemented to solve local

and global problems in multiple disciplines and specialty areas.

Secure RFID for Trusting Devices and Data – Dr. Rene Martinez, Honeywell

Near Zero Power Radio Frequency Receivers – Dr. (Troy) Roy H Olssen III, DARPA

Special Access to RFID Journal LIVE!

The IEEE RFID 2017 conference is co-located with the RFID Journal LIVE! this year and your IEEE registration provides

special access to many LIVE! networking events and sessions including the opening reception, awards, and exhibition.

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