Outstanding Engineer Award

IEEE PES Phoenix Chapter recognizes important technical, educational and service contributions through the conferral of the Outstanding Engineer Award.

The 2017 IEEE Power and Energy Society Phoenix Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award was awarded to Andy Keels for his outstanding leadership and professional contributions to the power engineering profession, power engineering education, and for his his recent contribution to a new IEEE standard for utility station battery charging and for the work he does speaking to local high school STEM students. Andy is a Senior Engineer in Apparatus Engineering.

Kathleen Kramer, Andy Keels, and David Wiley

Past Recipients of the Outstanding Engineer Award

2017Andy KeelsSalt River Project
2016Larry OkamotoArizona Public Service Co.
2015Jim HuntSalt River Project
2014Monzer MiataIntel Corporation
2013Tom LaRoseSalt River Project
2012Barbara McMinnArizona Public Service Co.
2011Dr. Raja AyyanarArizona State University
2010Michael DyerSalt River Project
2009Tait WillisSalt River Project
2007Doug SelinArizona Public Service Co.
2006John A. DemckoArizona Public Service Co.
2005Tom LundquistSalt River Project
2005Munnu BajpaiArizona Public Service Co.
2004John SykesSalt River Project
2003Dr. Bajarang AgrawalArizona Public Service Co.
2002David Onstad