IEEE PES November 2016 Luncheon – Dare to Compare Motor Presentation

ieee-11_18_2016-dykman-motors-5 ieee-11_18_2016-dykman-motors-4 ieee-11_18_2016-dykman-motors-3 ieee-11_18_2016-dykman-motors-2 ieee-11_18_2016-dykman-motors-1Presentation Outline:

Dykman will bring some of the leading motor manufacturers IEEE841 spec product and tear down for viewing from the inside out.  The manufacturers included in the presentation will be from GE, Toshiba, TECO Westinghouse, Siemens, Baldor, US Motors, WEG, and Marathon.  The reason we choose the 841 spec is simply because it is the tightest motor spec available and is known as each manufactures top offering.  With a tight spec, they should be close to the same.  But the presentation will show that all motors are not built the same. We will discuss the components of the electric motors starting with the hardware, end bells, rabbit foot connections, nameplates, j-boxes, ground lugs, safety hooks and more.  These materials do not necessarily make the motor run better but gives insight to if manufactures product is being built by cutting corners, going the extra mile, or somewhere in between. We then direct our attention to the meat and potatoes of these offerings starting with the fans, bearing systems, rotor and stator, core plate material, insulation values, thermal margin, balancing procedures, tropicalization coating, and windings. We encourage questions and participants to be hands on.



Kip Pollay joined team Dykman in September of 2014.  Most of his adult working life was spent as an electrical contractor in a third generation family owned business which was sold in 2006.  He was then employed by City Electric Supply as a branch manager and worked with them until accepting an offer from Dykman in 2014.  Kip handles numerous accounts for Dykman Phoenix in power generation, municipal, agriculture, and more.  Outside of the office Kip is a dedicated husband to Becky, and a father of four boys.  He is an avid outdoorsman and has been a high school football coach for over 20 years.  In what little time is left, he enjoys spending time in his music studio.

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