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IEEE Test Cases

Distribution Test Feeders  (Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee – PSACE)

  • This is a collection of test cases put together by the DSAS. Test feeders continue to be added. Also, there are links to the EPRI Test Circuits and the PNNL Taxonomy of Prototypical Feeders.
  • New Test Feeder 2014: 342-bus LV network:
  • New Test Feeder 2015: European LV Circuit:

Test Systems for Voltage Stability Analysis and Security Assessment (PSDP Committee)
IEEE Product posted 25 August 2015. Report is available free to PES members.

This report documents the work of the IEEE PES Task Force on Test Systems for Voltage Stability Analysis
and Security Assessment. The report starts with a short introduction about the motivation and the scope of
the work. Next, the models of respectively the Nordic and the RVS test systems are presented in detail, together
with a sample of long-term dynamic simulations of their responses to large disturbances. Appendices
are devoted to complementary analyses and simulation results obtained with other time-domain simulation

The system data and a sample of representative outputs will be available on a Web site maintained by
the Dynamic Security Assessment Working Group of the Power System Dynamic Performance Committee
(please refer to for more information).

Benchmarking and Validation for Cascading Failure Analysis Tools (IEEE Working Group on Understanding, Prediction, Mitigation and Restoration of Cascading Failures ) This test case is under development.  To participate, contact these persons:

The IEEE-PES-PSACE-Intelligent System Subcommittee (ISS) Working Group on Intelligent Data Mining and Analysis has some some data sets for case studies published in its WG website.  Each data set can be accessed trough the respective web link.

Non-IEEE Test Cases

Through the ARPA-e GRID DATA program, a number of large-scale “realistic but not real” test systems for both transmission and distribution systems have been developed. These and a large number of other test systems are available at the two GRID DATA funded websites:

Power Systems Test Case Archive (hosted by University of Washington)

Matpower link (hosted by PSERC at Cornell.) MATPOWER is a package of MATLAB® M-files for solving power flow and optimal power flow problems. It is intended as a simulation tool for researchers and educators that is easy to use and modify.

WECC Test Case from PSERC M-21 Project:

  • Technical and Economic Implications of Greenhouse Gas Regulation in a Transmission Constrained Restructured Electricity Market [PDF  2.3 MB]
  • See also Reduced Network Modeling of WECC as a Market Design Protype by Jim Price, CAISO, that contains a 240 bus model test system for the California and WECC market [7MB, ZIP].
  • A data addendum is also available: [346KB, ZIP]

Test Cases in the book Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services by Marija Ilic, Lie Xie, Qixing Liu. The extra materials accompanying this book include circuit and loading data for Flores in the Azores.

Cigre C6.04 has published Benchmark Systems for Network Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources, April 2014.  Cigre members can log in and download Technical Brochure  575. This document is only in print form and there is no reference to a repository of data in digital form and all references are to printed material. Kai Strunz (DE) was the convenor. Contact him for further information.