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11-07-18 SBLC Architecture Subcommittee Meeting

IEEE PES SBLC Architecture Subcommittee

7 Nov 2018 Meeting Notes

Haiwang Zhong, Scribe


Steve Widergren (Chair), Koen Kok, Bishnu Bhattarai, Bruce Nordman, David Chassin, Farrokh Rahimi, Renee Cinar, Haiwang Zhong, Sijie Chen, Maria Brucoli


Welcome and introductions

Approve the notes of the last Subcommittee meeting: 6 Aug 2018 Meeting Notes was approved.

Preparation for future meetings: The chair asked the progress of preparing for future panels, papers, and tutorials and attendees reported the corresponding working progress.

  1. Emerging applications and benefits for blockchains and smart contracts for the smart grid. Sijie Chen said that he had received a notification E-mail, which indicated that this panel proposal had been approved.
  2. Multi-Energy Systems Architecture. Renee Cinar had not received the notification E-mail and there was no result yet with this panel proposal.
  3. DER Interoperability Roadmap – Industry Experiences. Steve Widergren explained that this panel was proposed to discuss standards, test, and integration practices roadmaps being developed with industry. An E-mail was received indicating that the panel would go forward.
  4. DER Integration Architectures – ARPA-E NODES. The chair will ask Mads Almassalkhi about the status of this panel session.

DistribuTECH, ISGT, T&D, etc: Farrokh Rahimi acts as a member of the ISGT conference organizing committee. There are no Architecture Subcommittee sponsored panels planned for this meeting.

Subcommittee paper: The content and the article organization to summarize information and communications technology architectures for DER integration was discussed. The attendees agreed that the idea of the subcommittee paper was nice. The IEEE Power and Energy Magazine can be one of the choices for the subcommittee paper. The chair asked Koen to elaborate the content of the subcommittee paper and to contain introductions to DER concept and DER architecture. Koen Kok, Farrokh Rahimi, Bruce Nordman, Rene Cinar, and Dave Chassin expressed interest.

Action: The chair asked for a volunteer to lead the organizing of the subcommittee paper.

Working groups status: The chair asked the progress had been made on the two working groups.

  1. Multi-energy Systems Integration WG. The WG met last month. Renee was working on the one-page charter about the WG scope. Renee discussed the problem about E-mail blocking with Steve and was suggested to send E-mail using her personal IEEE e-mail account.
  2. Blockchain WG. Sijie expressed two areas of progress for this working group. Firstly, he contributed one paragraph in an emerging technologies survey paper and submitted to Shawn. And secondly, Sijie worked together with the co-chair Adam Hahn to reach out to people in the Washington State University and people in Pacific North National Laboratory who are working in the blockchain area. They also plan to hold a WG meeting at the PES General Meeting.

Liaisons to other groups: Koen reported on the PSACE Intelligent Systems, Multi-agent Systems WG and said there were no items for coordination at this time with this group.

Regarding the P825 Standard, Steve talked the chair, Paul Heitmann, recently about the standard guide for transactive energy. The progress of this standard is slow.

Bishnu mentioned that the PSOPE already had the DSO/TSO Interface task force (rather than a working group) since last year and they were working on a task force paper concerning challenges and business cases for DSO/TSO interaction, led by Gareth Taylor, Brunel University.

Open discussion: David and Sijie discussed applying blockchain technology in transactive energy settlement and implementing market mechanisms via the blockchain.

Next meeting: next meeting was scheduled at 10 am Eastern US (15:00 UTC) on 13 Feb 2019.

Steve noted that members can see the past notes and roster for the subcommittee at the SBLC website,