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August 13, 2020. The meeting was held at 11am EDT (morning) and repeated at 7pm EDT (evening). All notes below are from the morning meeting unless otherwise noted.

Committee Chair: Ron Melton, Vice-Chair: Johanna Mathieu, Secretary: Yashen Lin

Meeting Description: Annual face-to-face* meeting of the Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems Technical Committee held in conjunction with the IEEE Power and Energy Society Annual Meeting.  The general business of the committee will be reviewed and discussed.


  • Welcome and Introductions — Ron: welcome remark, Round table introduction
  • Approval of Agenda — Shawn motion to approve, Amro second, No objections
  • Meeting minutes approval – SBLC meeting minutes from 2019 PES GM ( ) — Amro motion to approve, Paul second, No objections
  • Leadership Transitions — Ron: smart building subcommittee chair Alex term ends, Johanna: suggest ask nominations, Ron: will send out email for nominations, to discuss in the next Adcom meeting (Evening, Ron: looking for nomination, chair and vice chair of smart building subcommittee)
  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Architecture — Amro: meeting quarterly, focus of next year is multi-energy system, integration of T and D, transactive energy and blockchain, Ron: multi-energy working group updates? Amro: no update from Renee, will follow up with Renee 
    • Smart Buildings and Customer Systems — No representative
    • Loads — Mads: new leadership, meeting every two-month, posted online, IEEE working group guides proceeding, Farhad: curious about the scope of the subcommittee, Mads: overview of Loads scope, Johanna: scopes on committee website
    • Blockchain Working Group — Shawn: some challenges, only two interested parties attended meetings, had interactions with outside of IEEE, on a panel CIGRE in two weeks, met last year, trying to get members, Ron: expected products? Shawn: industry white paper not ready due to lack of participation, Ron: Claudio Lima is active in blockchain, interactions? Shawn: there are other working groups on the topic under the blockchain initiative, hoped for collaborations, suggest we pause the perhaps pause our individual working group and join others, Malia: liaison can attend meetings, but no voting right, Shawn: happy to volunteer to be SCR for blockchain, Paul: possibly a point of contact
    • P825 Transactive Energy — Paul: the working group had a good start, but was not able to keep the momentum, goodbye email to group members, ways to continue in the topic: SBLC, IEEE NIC BCTE, IEEE P2418.5, IEEE blockchain initiative
    • Asia Pacific Working Group — Shawn: confirms the conclusion of the working group
    • P2781/P2783 Working Groups — Jizhong: Entity type guides ready for review and vote by Loads subcommittee, Mads: thought the main committee will review the technical content, but the subcommittee should do that, recommend involving more people in the Loads subcommittee, break the guides into chunks for volunteers to review, tell Mads if you are interested in helping, Ron: the process is in motion
  • Future Events
    • PES GM 2021 Panels — will send call for proposals soon
    • PES Call for Tutorials
    • ISGT NA 2021 – panel proposals due September 15
    • IEEE-TESC 2020 – December 2020 ( – jointly organized by IEEE and GridWise® Architecture Council – SBLC is the TC sponsor
    • Others? Shawn: CIGRE panel on blockchain, Amro: upcoming workshops
  • Administrative Items — None
  • Roundtable — (Evening, Kyri: Loads subcommittee considers aggregated load modeling activities, want to check if there is scope overlap, Ron: recommend start working on it and be ready to collaborate if necessary, Ramtin: interested in Smart Building subcommittee roles, Michael Kane: interested in liaison with ASHRAE)
  • Adjourn — Johanna motion to adjourn, Paul second, No objections, 12:05pm EDT

*For 2020 this meeting is being held as an online virtual face-to-face meeting due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic