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PES General Meeting 2018 - SBLC Committee Meeting Notes

SBLC Committee meeting at PES GM 2018 August 6, 2018; 3-4pm

In attendance: B. Bhattarai, S. Widergren, F. Rahimi, M. Brambley, S. Massucco, J. Lian, H. Zhong, Y. Ota, Y. Yang, A. Fontanini, M. Almassalkhi, Y.-W. Chen, K. Baker, M. Alizadeh, J. Mohammadi, K. Kalsi, Q. Zhou, D. Chassin, G. Henri, J. Zhu, A. Pratt, S. Chen, Q. Chen, S. Chandler (Chair), J. Mathieu

Meeting Minutes

  • Notes from Feb meeting reviewed and accepted.
  • Administrative matters

a.  Merging Smart Buildings Subcommittee and Customer Systems

Subcommittee: Discussion on how they would maintain differentiation, what differentiates “loads” and other committees, history of subcommittee names, name recognition, and definition of “customer systems.” Approved by committee members by majority vote. New committee called “Smart Buildings and Customer Systems Subcommittee.”

b. Announced PAR vote outcome on “Guide for the application on quick response system of customer-side loads in modern power grids (PE/SBLC/quick response system).” Approved by Adcomm by majority vote.

c. Leadership transitions

  1. Shawn Chandler will serve as Chair for up to one more year per the request of the PES Technical Council
  2. Ron Melton will become new Vice Chair
  3. Johanna Mathieu will become new Secretary
  4. Yashen Lin will become new TCPC
  5. Subcommittee chairs  –  Steve Widergren will serve another year as Chair of Architecture Subcommittee 2. Other subcommittee chairs: TBD.

d. Working Group/Task Force Updates

  1. Asia Pacific WG reported on meetings and involvement. WG meeting today on load aggregators.
  2. P2781 Load Modeling and Simulation meeting today
  3. State of the Industry Task Force – Maria Brucoli unable to attend/report. Shawn gave quick overview. Trying to create a map of all the work being done in behind-the-meter systems.
  4. P825 Transactive Energy – Guide outline created and under development. Chair of the WG, Paul Heitmann was unable to attend. Shawn mentioned that there is a discussion of creating a Blockchain working group – connection established to IEEE Blockchain Initiative. Attendees asked to indicate whether or not they have interest in Blockchain on the meeting attendance sheet.

e. Architecture Subcommittee Report

  1. Meeting this morning, 20-30 people attended
  2. Brief overview of happenings. WG formed on multi energy systems / infrastructure coupling. Discussed panel proposals. Discussed link to P825

Administrative (other)

  • Send ideas for panels, papers etc. for any IEEE conference to Shawn.
  • Call for interest in SBLC Paper Review Working Group, responsible for reviewing papers submitted to the committee for the PES GM and T&D conference. Please email Yashen Lin:

f. New Business

  1. Motion for “Energy Blockchain System Task Force” to determine scope of future work on Blockchain. Chair appointed is Sijie Chen.
  2. Motion for “Task Force on Load Control Models” to determine scope of future work on load control models. Chair appointed is Jianming Lian.

g. Meeting adjourned.