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ASC 8-6-18 Meeting Notes

IEEE PES SBLC Architecture Subcommittee 6 Aug 2018 Meeting Notes

24 Sep 2018 Bishnu Bhattarai, Scribe

Attendees Bishnu Bhattarai, Sijie Chen, Johanna Mathieu, Steve Widergren (Chair), Haiwang Zhong, David Chassin, Sumit Paudyal, Anna Scagwont, Qun Zhou, Mahoosh Alizadeh, Stefano Massucco, Anthony Fontanin, Sarmad Hanif, Renee Cinar, Annabelle Pratt, Shawn Chandler, Mads Almassalki. Amro Farid

Business Introductions: The attendees introduced themselves.

Officers: Vice Chair, Secretary: The subcommittee chair ask for potential volunteer for vice-chair and secretary roles. The following members/new-members showed their interests in serving Secretary or Vice-Chair role:

  • Koen Kok (Even though he was absent on the subcomm meeting due to conflicting schedule, he had shown his interest to Chair)
  • Amro Farid (Interested in both, preferred Vice-Chair)
  • Bishnu Bhattarai (Interested in Secretary)
  • Haiwang Zhong (Interested in both)
  • Mahnoosh Alizadeh (Interested in both)
  • Qun Zhou (Interested in both)

Action: The Chair to consider the unexpected interest and process for officer selection from the subcommittee bylaws.

Review of SBLCS Committee Activities: In response to the question of one of the attendees, the chair asked the SBLCS chair, Shawn Chandler, to provide overview of SBLCS committee. He described the scope of all sub-committees. Out of 4 sub-committees of SBLCS (Architecture, Loads, Customer Systems, Smart Buildings), smart buildings and consumer systems subcommittees are planning to be merged into one. A working group to focus on smart buildings topics will be formed under the combined subcommittee.

Web Meeting: The Chair asked all sub-committee members about appropriate time for regular quarterly web meeting. Chair proposed to meet quarterly on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM Eastern (7 AM Pacific) time as the day and time for scheduling the sub-committee web meetings. All members agreed.

Action: The chair will set up quarterly web meetings to start at 10 AM on Wednesdays. The next meeting will be targeted for October.

Subcommittee Scope and Topics: The Chair described the scope, covers architecture for DER integration, where DER is defined to include distributed generation, storage, and flexible load. The following topics were discussed as interesting areas for subcommittee:

  1. Architectural principles, concepts, and structures for integrating DER
  2. Directions to improve interoperability for integrating DER 3. Grid services definition for DER interactions 4. General model of performance characteristics of DER equipment

The Chair also asked for additional topics of interest to the members. Other topics proposed by members include,

  • Cybersecurity aspects,
  • Distribution system operations interactions with transmission system operations (note PSOPE task force on DSO/TSO interface),
  • Integrated energy systems (electricity, natural gas, transportation, water).

Liaisons: The P825 Standards Working Group and PSACE Intelligent Systems and MAS WG are two groups we are coordinating with. Steve Widergren is the liaison for P825. They are preparing a transactive energy guide. This subcommittee should review the outline as it is developed and contribute to architectural aspects. The MAS WG was also meeting at about the same time. Koen Kok is the liaison and will be contacted for any news.

Action: The Chair asked Bishnu Bhattarai to follow what is being done at the PSOPE committee’s DSO+TSO interface working group.

The Subcommittee also discussed related activities in different IEEE groups (beyond PES) for possible formation of a multi-disciplinary architecture group. The Chair requested that those interested in forming such a group write a scope statement, identify direction, and reach out to the other identified IEEE Groups working in architecture.

PES 2018 Arch Subcom panel: Chair described the scheduled grid architecture panel session at the PES GM 2018 sponsored by the Subcommittee and asked members to attend the scheduled panel session.

PES 2019 Arch Subcom Panel: By the end of the August 2018, interested members were requested to submit topic abstracts and tentative speakers for proposed panels to the subcommittee for consideration for PES GM 2019. Three topics were raised and briefly discussed:

1) Multi-energy systems coordination architecture: Sejui Chen, Amro Farid

2) US Department of Energy’s ARPA-E NODES project on Architecture for DER Integration: Mads Almassalkhi

3) Integrated distribution, transmission and cyber-security: Qun Zhou

Action: PES 2019 Panel proposals are due to the Chair by the end of August. The Chair will coordinate these with the SBLC Committee Chair.

Arch Subcom Multi-energy Systems Integration Working Group: Several members proposed forming a working group about Multi-energy system integration. Renee Cinar offered to lead this working group. The Chair asked for a short charter about the scope, potential WG members to the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee will coordinate with SBLC Committee if scope fits well within scope of our group.

Action: Renee Cinar to work with interested subcommittee members to draft a charter for a new WG on Multi-energy Systems Integration. Interested members include Renee Cinar, Amro Farid, Anthony Fontanini, Manoush Alizadeh, Sijie Chen, and Koen Kok.

Membership outreach for the Architecture Subcommittee: There was good attendance in this Architecture Subcommittee meeting. Several people showed interest based on an SBLC message to all committee members about the subcommittees supported by the Committee. Also, Bishnu had sent out emails invitation to PowerGlobe for participation to subcommittee meeting and panels. Please let the chair know if there are others people to invite to become members of the working group.