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ASC 12-18-17 Meeting Notes

IEEE PES SBLC Architecture Subcommittee 18 Dec 2017 Meeting Notes

22 Dec 2017 Steve Widergren – Chair

Attendees Amro Farid, Koen Kok Absent: Bruce Nordman, Zhu Jizhong

Business Introductions: The attendees introduced themselves.

Officers: Vice Chair, Secretary: The subcommittee is waiting until we have more members involved before filling these roles.

Web presence: The chair asked the SBLC committee chair for information about a web presence for the subcommittee. The website was just being established. AI: The chair is to ask the SBLC committee chair about progress on the web presence. AI: Koen Kok said that he has worked with an IEEE PES person the MAS WG website. He will email the chair his contact information.

Liaisons: The P825 Working Group and PSACE Intelligent Systems, MAS WG are the groups we are coordinating with. Regarding P825, they are starting a transactive energy guide. This subcommittee should review the outline when it is available.

PES 2018 Arch Subcom panel: A panel proposal titled, “DER Integration Architecture Concepts and Models” was accepted for the General Meeting. The chair will work to fill out the speakers. Amro Farid and Koen Kok are expected to participate. Koen will consider other colleagues for participation. The chair will consider people from the DOE GMLC grid architecture effort, EPRI, and industry.

PES 2018 Arch Subcom meeting: The meeting was accepted for the PES general meeting. The group will review the preliminary agenda at our next meeting.

Membership outreach for the Architecture Subcommittee: The chair is to consider names and messages to invite participation in the subcommittee.

New Business ISGT Panel on Transactive Energy: The chair discussed a panel on transactive energy at the February ISGT meeting in Washington, DC, where members of this subcommittee may want to participate. After the subcommittee meeting, the chair discovered that the organization and participants for this panel were already being finalized.

Work Item: Koen Kok suggested that the subcommittee consider providing an overview of the landscape of DER integration. This could become a transactions paper and/or provide substance for a future panel session.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 21 Feb, at ISGT in Washington, DC. This date will be reconsidered depending upon ISGT attendance.