Welcome to the Reliability, Risk, and Probability Applications (RRPA) Subcommittee Website

The RRPA Subcommittee is a part of Power System Analysis, Computing and Economics (PSACE) Committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES).


The RRPA Subcommittee scope:

  1. Study, review and foster the development, application and dissemination of probabilistic and other methods for dealing with reliability, uncertainty and risk assessment in the planning, design, operation and management of all phases of electric power systems.
  2. Review technical papers and conduct paper sessions, organize panel sessions, update or develop industry guides, and develop position papers.
  3. Cooperate with other IEEE Committees and other professional and technical organizations in these activities.


RRPA Organization, Policies and Procedures document

More information about the history of RRPA Subcommittee is available in the RRPA History document, last updated on August 2015.