Transmission System Planning

 Chair: Mike Henderson, ISO-New England. Email:

 Scope: Transmission planning, including impact of equipment aging, “major event” planning, infrastructure security, locational uncertainties due to IPPs and new generation resources, impact of wind power on power system dynamics, risk, incremental losses and transmission service tariff.

This WG addresses transmission planning issues such as:

–Identify drivers of the need for transmission expansion and utilization of new technologies
–Account for impact of drivers of transmission planning, such as: public policies and technical requirements, markets, equipment aging, “major event” planning, infrastructure security, ancillary service, incremental losses, compliance, availability and use of transmission  corridors
–Assess transmission planning tools and methods, such as: simulation techniques, interconnections requirements, new technologies, scenario planning, and interregional planning
–Address uncertainties such as: new and retired generation and demand resources (active or load response, and passive or energy efficiency), fuel certainty, production cost issues (economic system performance, fuel and emission prices, environmental impact), resource capacity issues, impact of intermittent  sources, load, power system planning, risk, and transmission service tariff (type, pricing, cost allocation, and expansion)