Conventional & Renewable Energy Supply Planning

 Chair: Joseph Yan, Southern California Edison. Email:

 Scope:  The aim of this working group is to provide an opportunity for all the industrial and   academic experts to promote, share and discuss various state-of-the-art technique and development in the field of energy supply, renewable integrations and ISO/RTO Markets, and we plan to provide penal/paper sessions, forums and tutorials during   the IEEE technical meetings involving the following topics:

Discussing and analyzing major issues of ISO/RTO market related to energy supply  and renewable integration

Evaluating the value of existing dispatchable generation resources in ISO/RTO markets with the penetration of renewable resources; resource adequacy and asset optimization for the sustainable future of energy supply

Market design & economic impacts (DA market design, capacity market)

Emission impacts on existing generation resources and future investment

Deregulation vs Re-regulation

Merchant vs contracting.