Assessment of Power System Flexibility

 Chair: Eamonn Lannoye, EPRI International. Email:

 Vice Chair: Harjeet Johal, GE Energy Consulting. Email:

 Scope:  Flexibility has become a significant issue amongst planners in many power systems around the world in the last few years. Flexibility is understood in this working group to be the ability of a system to meet the variability and uncertainty associated with demand and variable generation. Driven by the growth of non-dispatchable generation, as well as the increased controllability of the demand side, a wide range of new requirements and capabilities must now be considered at the planning stage. In response, many different utilities, regulatory agencies and other institutions have started to develop flexibility metrics or requirements for the assessment of flexibility. This has led to a variety of approaches to measure the requirements for flexibility and the overall balance between flexibility resources and requirements. Few, if any of these approaches have reached widespread adoption, given the early stage in their development.