Proposed panel sessions at GM 2012

1. Value of Conventional Generation Resources in the ISO/RTO Markets with the Penetration of Intermittent Renewable Resources

Chair: Joseph Yan, Southern California Edison

Speakers:  TBD

The following questions will be discussed during the panel sessions.
A.        Do we have enough conventional generation resources to feed future load with current configuration of conventional generation resources considering the impending retirement of the aging power plants?
B.        Given the reduced capacity factor due to the high penetration of intermittent resources, how to evaluate the value of existing conventional dispatchable generation resources in ISO/RTO markets?
C.        If more conventional generation resources are required to achieve the balance among current conventional generation resources, intermittent resources, interchange on the grid and future load, how to send the price signal to the generation investors?


2. Modern and Future Distribution System Planning

Chair:  Luis (Nando) Ochoa, The University of Manchester


1) Dr Andrew Keane, University College Dublin, Ireland. Topic: Electric Vehicles and Distribution Network Planning

2)  Dr Luis (Nando) Ochoa, The University of Manchester, UK. Topic: Challenges for low voltage networks

3) Dr Julio Romero-Aguero, Quanta Technology, USA. Topic: Self-healing networks

4) Prof. Gareth Harrison, University of Edinburgh, UK. Topic: What’s new: How distribution planning is changing?

5) Prof. Santiago Grijalva, Georgia Tech, USA. Topic: Planning under uncertainty – business processes

6) TBA. Topic: Regulatory issues/Demand side management in Dist Planning


3.  Asset Management: Data and Decisions

Chair:  Tony McGrail, Doble Engineering

Speakers:  TBD


4.       Demand response: analytics, practice, and challenges in smart grid environment

Chair:  Tao Hong, Co-Chair: Shu Fan

Speakers:  TBD

1) Liang Huang, PG&E, “Demand response practices, challenges and future plan at PG&E”

2) Richard Song, SCE, “Measuring Load-Shifting in Response to Dynamic Pricing”

3) Seog-Chan Oh, General Motor, “activity-based energy analysis and forecasting”

4) Tao Hong, SAS Institute, “What if there were no load control activities?”

5) Wei-Jen Lee, UT Arlington, “Demand response programs in ERCOT”

6) Tom Osterhus, Integral Analytics, paper title TBD


5.       Load forecasting methodologies and applications in operations and planning

Chair:  Tao Hong, Co-Chair: Shu Fan


1) Edgar Manuel Carreno Franco, CECE-UNIOESTE, “Multi-agents simulations for spatial load forecasting”

2) Hiroyuki Mori, Meiji University, “An Efficient Kernel Machine Technique for Short-term Load Forecasting with Uncertainties”

3) Qun Zhou, Alstom Grid, “Short-term congestion forecasting in wholesale power markets”

4) Mingguo Hong, Midwest ISO, “Operations planning at Midwest ISO”

5) Raymond Johnson, SCE, paper title TBD

6) Shu Fan, Monash University, paper title TBD

7) Hao Chen/Fran Li, Nanjing Power Company/U of Tennessee, and paper title TBD


6. New Planning Practice Considering Renewable integration and Distributed Energy Resources (joint panel with PSACE)

Chair:  Ning Lu, Co-Chair: Michael Henderson


1) Planning Transmission for the Future (Panelists)

2) Wind – David  Elizondo

3) Solar – Southwest contact or Roy Boyer

4) Load forecast impact of Passive Demand Resources (energy efficiency) – Mike Henderson (and maybe Henry Chao)

5) Dealing with Retirements –  Ron Chu and Paul (@ PJM?)

6) Impact of Emission Regulations on Planning – Sundar Venkataraman

7) South American Transmission Expansion for Renewables – Hugh Rudnick

8)Transmission Expansion in China for Renewables – Jim Feltes

9) New Planning Practice Considering Renewable integration and Distributed Energy Resources, – Nader, Yuri, PNNL

10) Title TBD – Bahramirad, Shay

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